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Here we are! The end of 2020 has finally arrived! The game industry has had monumental events – for better or for worse – with an incredible number of new decreases, each with new brilliant faces to take us on the trip. We are here to talk about the best character of 2020, those who not only personified their respective games, but who also had this little extra that remained in our minds once we put the controller. These are the characters who played a major role by training in their world and made us ask us why they have no more spotlights themselves. Here are the 10 best nominees for the best character according to the vote of your friends from Cogcononneted.

Zom Zom the Far Out can, at first glance, seem to be a kind of typical platform supplier; He is small, noisy and gourmet. This is not exactly a new line in adorable games and adapted to children, but you don’t need much to take a closer look at the strange little guy and see his meaning. Zom Zom is energetic and charming. His particular outfit and his accent combination overflows with a personality in contrast with the rather deaf simplicity of Sackboy. The strangeness of Zom Zom balances with the more “virgin slate” design of Sackboy, and although it is noisy and in your face, it is just as charming the 100th time as it was the first.

In a game taking place in the underground world of Greek mythology, you would probably not expect a “living” training model to play such an important role. Skelly – as its name suggests – is a skeleton for which you can test your skills and combos before you embark on your next mission. For a game with so many praise in its artistic design, its gameplay and its voice game, you would not expect almost Brooklyn-Esque accent from your landscape cushion. Skelly himself is as charming as a street crook and is just out of course in the world of Hades to make him extraordinarily memorable without alienating the player. It also serves as a minimum of comic relief against the rather serious tone of Greek distribution.

The beloved series Half-Life has taken its great steps in the world of virtual reality with Half-Life Alyx, allowing players to assume the main role and plunge into a world full of crabs and horror. Half-Life has always managed to ride the mature and often scary tone with a well-placed humor, but the star of Half-Life Alyx was definitively found in Russell. Russell is the adorable OAF which gives Alyx the gloves of gravity and its starting pistol. He is always ready with a sage-fissure (although sometimes difficult to find a filter) and is otherwise a port of positivity to support Alyx as she faces really horrible enemies.

Another entry of the very famous thug Hades, Megaera is quite different from the other nominated by the complexity it brings to the story of the game. One of the furies responsible for monitoring hell, Megaera and Zagreus had already had a romantic relationship before the Beginning of the game. Admittedly, we have already seen despised lovers like enemies, however, if you approach Megaera correctly, it is indeed possible to repair things and rekindle your relationship. Hades is a complex Greek tale, but Megaera’s story and his relationship with Zagreus go even further. It is not only a powerful love or enemy, but it is a fascinating and interesting part of the history of our protagonists.

When we talk about the heritage of Final Fantasy 7, the name Don Corneo rarely appears as a determining element of the series. Having a small but important role in the original game, the presence of Corneo was considerably extended in Final Fantasy 7 Remake which saw it appear as one of the rare basic antagonists of the game. With its insatiable appetite for a “bride “, His underground combat tournaments and this impressive but disturbing mustache, Don Corneo definitively stands out as an impressive figure in the 2020 game. Expressed by the legendary Fred Tatasciore, Corneo is a villain that you like to hate. He is a sleeping head of the sleeping crime who directs the slums with an iron fist, kidnapping women and selling the inhabitants of Midgar to the highest officers. Despite its flamboyant appearance, Corneo is one of the most anchored bad guys in the series in this sense that he is only an ordinary imbecile corrupted by power. He made an interesting start compared to the gloom differently from the series and for that, he distinguished himself as one of the best characters of the year.

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