Elden Ring: How to get the white mask

The sight of Varre and his white mask should not be a foreign word to every Eldenring player. Whether it is because he is the first NPC to meet the player or because his pointed tongue has left an impression. The bloody robes he wears next to his mask are quite unmistakable and can be acquired by the stained, although they are certainly far from being available immediately. This guide deals with the possible methods to maintain the war surgeon and the white mask, and its special features.

How to get the white mask in Elden Ring

In order to obtain the headgear, the player has to travel to the Mohgwyn Palace Eldenring , and killed red intruders who wore the same uniform as Varre. It is necessary to note that this must be done before the last boss of the region is killed, as defeating these intruders would prevent spawns on the card.

Start either with the input to the mausoleum of the dynasty or Palace Approach Ledge-Road website from Grace. Go to the bloody swamp while keeping away from enemies that can be found in the area, or deal with them accordingly. The players have to defeat nameless white mask intruders to get the set. The three places where you can find are drawn on the map. One is located near one of Albinaurikers, another near an island on which a golden seed can be found, and the last on the southern edge of the swamp between two huge tree stumps.

If the defeated intruder does not drop the war surgeon next to his mask, the player should go to the other potential spawn points and also defeat the intruders there. This should guarantee the set for the player.

There are some methods that could bring a player to Mohgwyn Palace. Players can reach the place by being ready Varres quest series by using the object obtained to teleport themselves to the Mohgwyn Palace. Alternatively, you could use a teleporter with the consecrated snow fields hidden endgame region, which is accessible by pulling up the secret haligree medallion at the Grand Lift from Rold.

The white mask is a fascinating headgear reinforces the attack of a player by 10 % for 20 seconds whenever an enemy has suffered blood loss. This makes it a good armor part for players who build Arcane, be it with the rivers made of blood Katana or other arcanes of scaling weapons. It is possible that this headgear can also be stacked with the jubilee valley of the Lord of the Blood, which can be found in the Leyndell catacombs. The simultaneous exploitation of both objects can lead to an increase in attack of 30 %, which leads to a strong power boost.

The players are free to further explore the region after defeating all the intruders. If the players have completed Varres quest series, you will find that he is waiting for you while going up the palace and expressing even more disapproval compared to the player’s actions.

Elden Ring - Don't Miss This Mask! ESSENTIAL for Blood Loss Builds - How to Get White Mask

Eldenring is now available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC.

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