What are cultures? Quote from the film, spin

Now there are many different additional Wordle products on the market. There are even several Wordles associated with films. For movie lovers who can quote anything, Quolture is an ideal game.

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Is Quolture an inspired Wordle game?

Culture is another part of the browser games for guessing, created thanks to the worldwide popularity of Wordle. Like Moviedle, Box Office Game and Framed, he uses films as the basis for creating a daily game, in which players can try to reveal the film that they hint at.

how to play the culture

Quolture is very easy to play, especially if you played other Wordle spin-features. Every day go to the Quolture website and read a quote of the day. You need to try to guess what film it is from. If you feel that you are stuck, click on any field above the quote and open the hint. The fewer tips and guesses you use, the better your final score. The number of guesses is not limited, so do not worry that the chances will end.

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