Toby Fox composed a track for Pokemon Sword and Shield

Toby Fox, the creator of classical worship sous-Titre, was invited by Game Freak to compose a piece forExpensive and Pokémon_ Shield. The developer and composer announced the news earlier today via a tweet.

Toby Fox Composed a Track for Pokémon Sword & Shield!

Fox has become famous with sous-Titre, a beautifully designed game that made the crowds vibrate to the point of selling more than a million copies. Part of the charm of this game was the superb soundtrack composed by Fox itself. The members of Game Freak are clearly fans of his work too, and the result was an invitation to create a song for the nextExpensive and Pokémon_ Shield.

At this point, we know nothing about the song. Apart from Fox, he tweeted to say: “By the way, it’s not a main track or anything. I just thought it was cool.”

In other epecies and Pokémon Nintendo and The Pokemon Company shield published a five-minute trailer for the upcoming game. Although no English version currently exists, the video incorporated is a long look at the game, the upcoming features, all kinds of different Pokémon, and will strongly interest the long -standing fans of the series. My only blow against the trailer is that it does not contain enough Wooloo, but nothing ever contains it. Make sure you look until the end to see Zaciana and Zamazenta throw away, instead of just looking at Royal.

_ Speed and Pokémon_ Shield must go out on Nintendo Switch on November 15.

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