Chris Pratt The Navy Seals suit is covered in the first images of The Terminal List

THE TERMINAL LIST Teaser (2022) Chris Pratt
Amazon reveals the first images of The Terminal List , the new prime video series bprime videoed on Jack Carr’s popular novel. Its premiere is planned On July 1 through 8 episodes starring Chris Pratt, who will embody the soldier James Reece.

everything we know about The Terminal List

Pratt will not only take the reins of the series in front of the camera, but also between scenes. He is part of the executive production team with Jon Schumacher , Antoine Fuqua, Jack Carr, Daniel Shattuck and David Digilio. In fact, the latter will also be Showrunner and screenwriter.

The Terminal List Follow James Reece after all her sea platoon suffers an ambush in a high -risk operation,” reveals the producer in a press releprime videoe. “However, prime video new evidence comes to light, Reece discovers dark forces that work against him, endangering not only his life, but also that of his loved ones.”

Pratt will be joined by high flight actors in a repertoire of height: Jared Shaw (Ernest Vickers), JD Pardo (Tony Layun), Tyner Rushing (Liz Riley), Lamonica Garrett (Commander Bill Cox), Christina Vidal (Mac Wilson), Nick Chinlund (Almirante Pillar), Tom Amandes (Vic), Remi Adeke (Terrell ‘Tee’ Daniels), Arlo Mertz (Lucy Reece), Anouar H. Smaine (Salah), Matthew Rauch (Captain Howard), Conor Sherry (TJ Howard), Scott C. Roe (Hargrove), Hiram A. Murray (Jackson) and Justin Garza (Víctor Ramirez), among others. Constance Wu and Taylor Kitsch are other outstanding names.

prime video we said, the bprime videoe series in Jack Carr’s first novel, who wprime video Navy Seal during his active stage. The Terminal List is part of a collection that consists of True Believer, Savage Son and The Devil’s Hand. The lprime videot chapter, In the Blood, will arrive this year.

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