An SSD SATA of 1 TB at a very low price

Whether to boost an old machine or have an additional space to store games, the SATA SSD is the ideal, reliable, light and accessible solution. At the moment, the crucial MX500 1 TO, a real reference of the genre, is on sale at Amazon and Fnac and falls at € 74.99, a very small price for as much storage.

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FAST, afforable SSD Hard drives, here's my pick for best ssd for gaming

If the SSD NVME quickly replaced the SSD SATA in the hearts of gamers , the latter do not remain without interest. More accessible, less sensitive to heating and above all, compatible with the majority of machines, they still offer excellent services for the gamer which does not want to ruin itself. In addition, it is even possible, with some settings, to install them in an aging PS4 to replace the conventional and slow HDD which sits in the Sony console.

The SSD Crucial MX500 is a real reference, well known to all the followers of _ Hardware _. Reliable and fast thanks to his memory 3D NAND TLC , he benefits in addition to a long 5 -year warranty to appease the mind. In addition, it offers largely satisfactory flows, from 560 MB/s in reading and up to 510 MB/s in writing , enough to supplant an old HDD 5 400 rpm like that of PS4 **.

Right now, this SSD SATA 1 TO is on sale at Amazon and Fnac . It falls to € 76.99 , a rare boon for this SSD crucial MX500 which is usually struggling to go below 80 €.

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