The most anticipated game for Steam users is delayed until 2023, but it is for a good reason

We have been listening to news about The Day Before, an MMO of survival that paints scandal, and that has had us drooling with what he has shown, both with his gameplay, and with his graphics. Now, we have one of lime and another of sand with the game of Fentastic and Mytona.

The bad news is that its launch is delayed until 2023. This summer was going to leave, but those responsible have said that they need more time and now the new arrival date is March 1, 2023. So we will have to wait for some More months, almost a year, to verify what this proposal is capable.

The good news, however, is that if the game already looked impressive, now it will do it more. Its developers have declared, in an interview with IGN, that they will change the graphic engine of the game, to look at the Unreal Engine 5. The change to this graphic engine has been one of the “guilty” of the delay, and for the that will surely end up being worth a few more months of agony.

Thanks to this, the game will improve in “the transition to a more advanced and adapted open world engine, will make the gameplay even more fantastic.” The Day Before is at the top of the list of more desired games in Steam.

The Day Before is a proposal that is in development for PC and that if everything follows as planned will arrive this year. Surviving in their environments will not be simple, since the cities have been outdoors of the effects of a pandemic and there is a kind of zombies that may surprise us in each corner. For that, we will have to be prepared, with resources, weapons and, as you can see, cars (with gasoline).

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In addition to the technical realism that is obvious, it will also affect the playable proposal. Moving the character will not be simple and less dominate the weapons, which will have a certain setback, which will make it less simple than it seems to succeed in the enemies. The environment will also play its role and we can use it in our favor, but you can also play a bad pass. It is a survive game in which everything is worth, so it also has its dose of violence and viscerality.

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