The old playstation plus game obtains a free PS5 update

A playstation plus game that was available in 2016 when it was first launched soon will get a free update for PlayStation 5. That title in question turns out to be furi, which is a fast -paced action game developed by The Game Bakers. And while Furi Update for PS5 can be a big problem on its own, the game is actually receiving a new DLC to coincide with this update.

The Game Bakers announced this week that the new PS5 update for furi will be launched at the end of this month on May 17. This update will be free for those who already have it on PS4, which means that anyone who has previously acquired the game through PS Plus can obtain this next generation version of the title. In addition, this update will also add the previous one a more fighting downloadable content for furi for all users.

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As mentioned, this update is just an element of furi_ new content as a DLC package entitled onnamusha will also arrive on May 17. This DLC will add a new playable character called Onnamusha Rider that can be used in all game modes within furi. Onnamusha will be sold with retail for only $ 6.99 and will be available on PlayStation, Switch and PC platforms.

It is worth noting that although furi is also in Xbox One, the game will not be updated for Xbox Series X, nor will you receive this new DLC. The reason for this is that The Game Bakers has said that the title was not popular enough in Xbox to allow them to dedicate resources to support this platform with this new content. Although the study did not make this clear, it seems likely that furi found a bigger audience on PS4 largely thanks to PlayStation Plus. So, if you are someone who has been signed to PS Plus for a long period of time at this time, this new PS5 update is definitely a pleasant surprise.

Are you someone who hooked furi for yourself on PS Plus in 2016? And if so, will it seek to visit him again now that he goes to PS5? Let me know in the comments or you can communicate with me on Twitter at @Mooreman12.

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