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The zombie mmo The Day Before arrives. After the game reminiscent of The Last of Us and The Division was able to shine with a new trailer in January, the Steam players promoted it to their wishists in masses. This becomes the most expected game of the platform. Now the developers are registering with an update that will make both joy and some grief with the fans.

Update from May 5 – 2:51 p.m.:

The was the hottest expected Steam game , above all, convinced with its chic graphics including raytracing as well as the exciting open world. Now the developers are registering with a news for all fans.

Fntastic would like to transfer the zombie game in development to the new Unreal Engine 5 in order to benefit from the improved opportunities, especially for the open-world gameplay. (Source: IGN)

Now to the downside of the medal: Of course, a change of the engine costs time above all. This means that the developers cannot adhere to the release date set in June. The new release date is on the 1. March 2023 .

The confirmed console release for PS5 and Xbox Series X | s should thus move into more distant distance. If you want to convince yourself of The Day Before again, take a look at it in this trailer :

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The Day Before: Nvidia shows new RTX trailers of the zombie mm

Already at the beginning of last year, a new game on Steam made a name for itself: The Day Before. The first gameplay trailer of the game captivated a number of zombie fans in one fell swoop. No wonder! Finally, developer Fntastic seems to be based on two major role models: The Last of Us and The Division.

The Day Before - Official Release Date Trailer
In the game world of The Day Before, it seems to teeth with undead, but stocks and equipment are rare. It is therefore advisable to proceed as quietly as possible to avoid confrontations with the zombies. But you don’t have to take these hardships al1. Instead, in the day before you can get together with other players and friends . But human players do not always have to be friendly to you – so be careful.

Recently has now been published a new trailer by The Day Before , which not only shows a few new gameplay scenes, but also lets you take a look at the raytracing effects of the game that you can use if you The owner of an Nvidia RTX card is.

Watch the day before Steam

players are happy, but are still skeptical

The latest sign of life of The Day Before is pleased. The scenes shown are also really impressive-this also reflects a look at the comments under the YouTube video:

Prasad Naik: * “That looks really impressive. The lighting in the city and in the shopping center is exceptional. ”
Skeng man: * “Okay, now I’m hyped. I keep my fingers crossed for this game. ”

However, many players are not yet sure whether the Day Before could not be in the end . They admonish the fans that they should not be blinded by the chic graphics and should wait instead, which is actually in the game for the release.

According to the description on the official Steam page, this should not be long in coming. The developers are currently on June 21, 2022 as a publication date **. However, it is currently still in the stars whether this date can be met.

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The same applies to a possible console version. At the moment, The Day Before seems to be a PC-exclusive zombie mmo . However, if the mixture of The Last of Us and The Division turns out to be a success, porting for the next-gen consoles should definitely be considered by the developers. We will keep you up to date.

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