How to cheat in Wordle

Wordle has been the madness of the Internet since the beginning of the new year. A handful of people who jumped on the train a little late may have experienced some Fomo either because they feel that they are not the best in the game, or because decrypting of words is not their strength. While many may look down on the concept, there are some ways to cheat in Wordle. Here are some methods to do this.

How to cheat in Wordle

In the following you will find some options for cheating in Wordle to keep your streak, or simply because you are at a loss and cannot bother to exclude words with the 26 available letters on the keyboard.

Play the game incognito

Perhaps this is one of the ethical types of “cheating” in the word ridge game. Essentially, they open the game as usual, but in an incognito browser or window. The game will neither record its progress nor its data. You can essentially use this as your first round.

If you actually guess the word within these six attempts, you can take the right word and enter it into your current saved game without incognito. Alternatively, you can simply throw away your guessing until the game provides you with the right word.

How To Cheat At Wordle! Warning: SPOILERS FOR FUTURE WORDS

In any case, the incognito trick does not affect its actual balance and feels more like the practice round. They still tried to get the word, they only had more guesses to give them a kind of safety net.

Use websites to decrypt words

This method is intended for people who do not want to leave a trace in their browser course that they have looked up the answer. Websites have been deciphering words for some time and helping people with games like Words with friends and scrabble. With most of these websites you have to enter some parameters, e.g. B. Which letters contains a word, how many letters the word has and which letters should be excluded.

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These pages then generate lists with words with their search parameters, although there can be words that Wordle does not register. This means that there is no need to enter letters random if you work with a smaller group of you.

Use “optimal” words to easily get information

People often like to use opening words that eliminate a large part of the vowels to severely restrict the possibilities. There are such popular words like Wadieu, Audio or Ouija. Of course, a complete optimization is to use words in their first three attempts that use different letters than their previous attempts. You also do not want to repeat letters.

_ A nice trick is to use the words audio, nymph and crest_ despite all the information you receive. This combination of words usually guarantees a pleasant number of letters for the word of the day.

This example I have provided shows how useful it can be. Of course, it is not guaranteed to get all letters like this.

Just look up the answer

If you want to be a one-shotter throughout the life of the game, we most likely have the answer for every wordle. First we give more information, then the answer for those who want to avoid spoilers.

You can play Wordle for free on the New York Times website on a smart device or a PC. There are also some good alternatives to continue to satisfy the need to play games of this genre.

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