Destiny 2: The keepers

The guardian games return in Destiny 2 and keepers around the world are called up to compete against each other for the fame of their favorite class. With this for all players: hunters, warlocks and titans compete against each other to climb the podium for their class.

For fame and gold – the trailer:

DESTINY 2 SHADOWKEEP Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME STORY [1080p HD 60FPS PC] - No Commentary
Let the games start : hunters, warlocks and titans can take part in a number of event activities to earn points for themselves and their class in different categories. Bowers who return from Savathûn’s throne world can warm up in the new training playlist, deserve strike medals in the competitive-strike playlist and fight for weekly high scores.

For those who would like to let off steam, solo rounds are also possible in both playlists. Player: Inside, your class can also help you collect laurels by playing the most PVE content during the event. Participants switch bonuses such as the exotic machine gun “lawful heritage” including catalyst, a legendary MP, an exotic ship and more free.

A premiums that are worthy of gold: keepers who are looking for some flair for their outfits should visit Tess Everis, which sells podium -suitable clothing in the Everversum. For keepers that light several platinum torches, there is also the guardian game mug and the guardian game medal, which are activated by the bungie premiums.

At the end of every week, each class is granted gold, silver and bronze acids according to their current position by a ceremony at the podium. The winners will be honored at the guardian game celebration on May 24; In addition, a statue of honor is set up, which represents the winning class and which can be seen in the tower all year round.

Haute game cup and the charity event of Direct Relief: During the guardian games, players fire: Inside their favorite streamers in their struggle for the title and at the same time collect donations for humanitarian purposes.

Bungie has compiled 42 troops from 14 regions all over the world to participate in the very first Haute-Cup -a friendly competition to find out which team in the world has what it takes to get the medals and to climb the top level of the podium.

More information about the guardian game cup and the live ranking can be found here. The donations that are collected during the guardian game cup event go to Direct Relief. Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization that is active in over 80 countries. Their goal is to improve the health and life of people affected by poverty and emergencies – without reference to politics, religion or performance. Those who donate $ 25 or more receive the brand new badge “keeper oath”, which can be redeemed on

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