George R.R. Martin mentions some details that will be seen in House of the Dragon

August is synonymous with emotion in _ HBO max _ , since in that month it will be released _ House of the dragon _ , spin off series of _ Game of Thrones _ , which serves as a prequel in Your narrative. Even its author, _ George. R.R. Martin _ is excited by the next premiere of it, which is why interesting details are gradually releasing.

The author of _ Fire and ice song _ He has his personal space called _ not a blog _ , where he occasionally writes some of his experiences, and right there it is is where he announced his emotion for the series.

VI Preliminary versions of a couple of more episodes of The House of Te Dragon and I was so pleased. Ryan, Miguel, his cast and team are doing a great job. Those of you who like complex, conflicting and gray characters (like me) will like this series. There will be many dragons and battles, without a doubt, but the backbone of history is human conflicts, love, hatred and drama of the characters instead of action/adventure.

The plot of this story will begin about 200 years before the argument we all know, so we will see the predecessors of the iconic families so loved by fans. In addition, we will witness many more fighting with dragons, something that was requested in the original adaptation, which could be said to fulfill the public.

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Remember that _ House of the dragon _ premieres next _ August 21 in HBO max._ is emerging to be one of the great summer hits.

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