Bloodborne feeling Soul Lake new Timesia trial version distribution

At the time of its first release, you can experience the new Bloodbone Soul Lake ‘THYMESIA’ on Steam in advance. The trial board will be distributed until the 10th on the 10th.

Taiwan’s game developer Overboard Studio is produced by Timesia, an action RPG that advocates Soul Lake. In the background of the kingdom that prospered with the power of alchemy, but the plague stretches out and is confused in a moment, he knows all the truth, but now it deals with the journey of CORVUS, who has lost memory. The adventure allows you to regain your memory, and the ending depends on the items collected during the options and play.

Bloodborne - EARLY Lake (Physical DMG reduction +7%)

Here the plague does not remain as a setting. It can be extracted from the boss in the game and can be used as a weapon, and it is possible to strengthen or modify the plague weapons. At the same time, you can transform into a crow during the battle, move quickly or blow feathers to the enemy to attack. The setting of the kingdom of plague and the speedy battle is reminiscent of the Bloodborne as a whole.

Meanwhile, Timesia will be officially released on August 10. The platform is PC (, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S, and the Steam version supports Korean.

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