Steam exceptional game finally ends up on PS4 & PS5

Since the end of 2021, a real insider tip on Steam has settled with the PC players. The atmospheric sci-fi game Exo One convinces with a completely fresh approach. Instead of big battles and room battles, your foreign planet travels and discovers the breathtakingly beautiful landscapes of the game. From the summer, PS4 and PS5 players can finally benefit from the exceptional game.

Update from April 29 – 11:28 p.m.:

PS5 lifts space experience to new level

The special sci-fi game Exo One mixed up the top seller on Steam for his release. In the extraordinary exploration game, their deeply dipped on foreign planets and controls your spaceship using gravity. Sounds special? It is.

Now there is good news for console players. Because as Playstation announces on his official blog, Exo One will finally be released for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in summer. (Source: PlayStation)

The porting offers additional advantages for PS5 owners. Because with the haptic feedback from the dual sensense controller you can feel the various substrates and weather conditions even more impressively.

This immersive experience is rounded off by butter-soft pictures with added 120FPS support -provided you have the right TV. So you can admire the beautiful landscapes and your sliding vehicle even better.

Take a look at the trailer for Exo One here:

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Original message:

what is EXO One on Steam?

“A strange signal, an extraterrestrial construction, an interplanetary, gravity -strong journey through space and time.” The newly published exo One knows how it has to present and only raises more questions . However, it becomes clear from the trailer that this is a very special sci-fi adventure.

In Exo One, you control a small flying saucer that examines beautiful planets and strange alien landscapes . However, you do not need laser cannons or other weapons for this. Instead, you have to use the strange environments to move your ship forward.

The control for Exo One needs some practice, but a real master can complete impressive maneuvers with the Subtasse , for example by sliding over the cliffs of an ice world and thus building new swing.

relaxing space adventure is well received by players

Exo One not only cleared a few prices for indie games, but is also extremely well received by the Steam community . It currently reaches a “very positive” assessment. 91 percent of the players give the sci-fi adventure up a thumb.

If you are looking for more games in which you can explore foreign planets, we can recommend no man’s sky:

Are these pictures reality or video game?

The sci-fi game Exo One relies on exploring and fast space maneuvers and foregoing large air struggles . The game has been released on Steam and is already very well received there.

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