Game Pass Sensation: Xbox grabs Playstation

Microsoft goes away on a confrontation course with Sony and grabs the rival a former console-exclusive game-and provides it free of charge for all subscribers in the Game Pass: Bugsnax. The indie hit can now also be played on the Microsoft consoles.

Microsoft donates some new games to the Xbox Game Pass again in April-and one of which is a special surprise, because it has so far only appeared as an exclusive game on the PS4 and PS5 **. With Bugsnax, a former launch game of the PlayStation 5 is now coming to the Microsoft consoles for the first time.

Xbox Game Pass: Bugsnax with surprise debut

Bugsnax celebrates its debut on the Xbox: The charming-shot indie hit by developer studio Young Horses has been in the Game Pass since April 28th. In addition to the basic game, Game-Pass subscribers can also look forward to the update The Isle of Bigsnax, which appears on the same day, add new content to the game and is also included in the subscription without extra costs. (Source: Xbox)

_ Look at the trailer for the Bugsnax Update The Isle of Bigsnax: _

In the adventure you have to search for a discoverer who has been missing on the island of Schleckum. In this colorful area you will meet the eponymous bugsnax creatures (half animal, half snack), which you can catch and feed on the islanders **.

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Microsoft grabs Playstation game

In times of time-limited exclusive games, Bugsnax is not the first and certainly not the last game that changes from one platform to the other. In the past, for example, Rise of the Tomb Raider was available exclusively on Xbox One for a year before it appeared on the PS4.

The PS5 exclusivity of Deathloop ** is expected to take place this year in September-the game of Bethesda developer Arkane Studios had already been part of a deal with PlayStation before taking over by Microsoft. With the end of the usual exclusivity of one year from the release, the time loop shooter can also be expected for the Xbox Game Pass this autumn.

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