Where to find Omni Chips in Tumbledown Temple in Fortnite

The tasks of the 6th week for Omni quest swords recently arrived in Fortnite with the latest update, and players with combat passes will have to find chips on three nameless landmarks. Omni Chips are used to unlock various new edit styles for Omni Sword, one of the best Kirok in combat missing of this season. This week, players will have to visit destroyed temple collect three omni chip.

All Tumbledown Temple Omni Chips in Fortnite

C Destroyed Temple is an nameless guideline, players may have difficulties with the search for this region. This is south of the sanctuary and east of the Johns Poi. The tasks of the 6th week also require the players to visit Seven Outpost II and Crispy Crater to collect these Omni Chips. Follow the white circles on the image of the map higher to find all three omni chip from the Tambeldown temple.

The first is at the top of the temple in a small room in the north corner of this area.

The second is located under the building at the western entrance to Tumbledown Temple.

The third omni chip is located inside the room on the ground floor of the temple in the southeast corner of this region.

Collect Omni Chips at Tumbledown Temple Location - Fortnite
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