Game Culture Foundation recruits lecturers of 2022 Game Culture Class

[Young Moon Young -soo] The Game Culture Foundation is recruiting instructors for ‘2022 Game Culture Class’ by May 13th.

The 2022 Game Culture Class operates ‘Textbook -oriented Education’ and ‘Topic Selection’ course for elementary, middle school students and school youth, and other students in other students in order to help spread the sound game culture and explore the career paths..

The textbook -centered curriculum consists of gamership training to prevent games and immersion and spread the sound game culture. The subject selection lecture course consists of ▲ prevention education (prevention of games and immersion, cyber violence) ▲ Other education (adults, personal information protection, copyright protection, e -sports industry and career).

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The Game Culture Foundation will select about 300 lecturers in six areas (Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Chungcheong, Gyeongsang, Jeolla, Gangwon, Jeju) through the first document screening and second competency screening.

It is recruited for each education field (game -consumer, game utilization coding) and can be duplicated. Reception can be done on the homepage of the game culture class.

The lecturers selected for this recruitment will be a lecturer for game culture classes from August to July next year, and will operate online and offline education for schools and institutions.

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