LOL: The second date of the Cup of Nations shows high level of the teams

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The second day of the “World Cup ” brought very interesting games and selections that left much to talk about during the transmission of the event on their second day to continue competing to demonstrate who will be the best during this international event that is marking history inside of League of Legends.

The first game of the day was between Dominican Republic and Guatemala where the Guatemalan shooter Sun Tiger became unstoppable with the Jinx selection thanks to the protection of his team managed to put the missiles at rank To harm the rivals which let him climb very strong and with that they would get the point of the game.

The second confrontation of the day would be between Guatemala against Puerto Rico where we would see Rafael “Candy” Díaz with a Lee without that would be fundamental for the game he would make inside the crack, getting the Dragons in favor of your team to determine with the team fights the victory in your favor.

The third departure would be between Costa Rica and Dominican Republic in a game that showed the selection of a selection in the hands of xuradel that would be lethal with the power of the yordle magician to make the suffer from the rivals and also the power of Jauny “Jauny” Vargas with Ganplank at the top that would help his team obtain the victory.

A fourth duel would put a Costa Rica against Guatemala managing Hands and thanks to Acerola’s moves would be able to take an advantage to close the game in their favor in a good way.

The fifth encounter was between El Salvador facing Puerto Rico, now the lower lane dominated by Manu and Fredead that used the duo of Lucian/Nami for Leaving the line in their favor and achieving being the protagonists of the game to climb, managing to lower the life of the rivals with their combo could consolidate the victory in their favor.

The sixth departure would take El Salvador against Panama that would make his owning a camille in the upper lane in the hands of Inside that would be a executioner during the game that He performed very neat with Italin playing with Diana to get the Panamanian team on her shoulders and achieve victory in her favor.

The last game of the day would put Panama in duel against Costa Rica fighting equally, with a Kutarra that would be the protagonist of the game with corki beginning to climb from A very good way making Panamanians obtain an early advantage and despite the couple game they would end up closing the game in their favor.

The second day of the Cup of Nations was very exciting seeing already the domain of several teams and managing to demonstrate who wants to move on to the next round of the tournament to consolidate as the best team in the “ World Cup ”, with more dates ahead to demonstrate who will dominate the region.

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