Hangul support! Vampire Battle Royale Blood Hunt Steam official launch

Vampire The Mask Raid: Blood Hunt (hereinafter referred to as Blood Hunt), which became a hot topic with the unique concept of fighting the vampires, was officially released in a free to play on April 27.

Blood Hunt is based on the worldview of Vampire The Mask Raid. In accordance with the concept, players can choose one of six vampire families, and can use a number of unique skills for each family. You can send out bats to identify the opponent’s position, or hide in the dark and become invincible for a while. It also takes advantage of the transcendental physical ability of the vampire to make it easy to ride in any wall located in the game.

It is also interesting that citizens must vampire for ‘farming’, which is a means for becoming stronger in Battle Royale. Vampires can strengthen their skills by vampires of certain blood, but if they are witnessed by other citizens, they should be careful because they are in a state of ‘Blood Hunt’ and are exposed to the other person for a certain time.

Bloodhunt - Can We Survive This Free-to-Play Vampire Battle Royale?

For more details, please refer to the article written at the time of early access.

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The developer ‘Shark Mob’ is a company that was established as a core developer of Ubisoft The Division and the developers of IO Interactive, which developed the Hitman series. “I am proud to be a proud to launch ,” said Shark Mob CEO Fredrik Rundqvist..

Shark Mob also participated in the domestic game event ‘Play Expo’ held in July 2021 and introduced to domestic gamers and promised an active localization.

Blood Hunt can be played free of charge on Steam and PS5. The development team emphasized that there will be no “Pay to Win” in the game, and the main product will be a season pass with a skin that does not affect the gameplay. Blood Hunt is officially applied and supports crossplay functions between PCs and PS5.

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