Fortnite week 6 omni-chip

If you start a new week fourteen days, You will be hunting for many new things you can do. You can take it over Weekly challenges who put their skills to the test or make them look for new opportunities to help The seven in their endeavor to stop * IO forces * stop doing their insidious deeds.

Or if you are looking for ways to help yourself and your Newn omni sword from the fight pass you can search omni-chips with which you can use the color, the sound and the appearance of yours Can change new devices harvest tool . However, the position of these chips changes every week, so they have to look out where they are now. Fortunately, we are here to help you because we will dive where you can find Omni chips from week 6 ! Let’s get out of the Battle Bus and see where we have to go!

Fortnite-Seven outposts II locations

If you search in the search seven outpost II place on the map you will find all three omni chips are quite close together. You will be able to switch this off pretty quickly, especially since two of them are practically right next to each other.

The first omni chip is on the descent of the large hill to the east and you will find it on the path that leads towards the village below.

The second omni chip is located in the village on the bridge that connects the two buildings . You will be able to be ** on the bridge and find it quickly.

The third omni chip is located inside the western building, in the room, that is under the bridge, and you will recognize it directly in the middle room of this place. After that, you found all three omni chips in this place and claimed! We come to the next spot, the crispy crater!

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Crispy Crater-Omni-Chip locations

This almost feels like fraud, like all three omni chips are on a small radius. You will find it Three large crater on the outside of greasy grove. Kopf Süd-Ost, and you will see them safely, surrounded by all sorts of rubble and rubble. Everything you have to do to get these three is a visit All big crater where you will discover you Omni-Chip in it.

As soon as you have claimed all three, we go to the last place this week, Dilated Temple!


The last sentence of omni-chips that we will search will be in his dilapidated temple where you will find three more to complete everything for the week.

As soon as you have made your way to the general area, you should check the entrance tunnel in the west where you can find your first Omni-chip on the way to the staircase.

As soon as you have claimed it, you should start climbing the temple where you make your way up to find it second omni-chip almost exactly in the middle.

Then jump off the side and go towards the south of the complex, where you will see a small room with a few loot inside. Here you will find your final omni-chip to complete the quest this week!

And there we have all omni chips for week 6 on your fingertips! Keep your eyes open at the beginning of the week to get the instructions for week 7 where you can find them!

Fourteen days is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

Attack of the fanboy / player / Fortnite Week 6 Omni-Chip locations: Tumbledown Temple, Seven Outpost and Cripsy Crater

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