Xbox Game Pass for free: Microsoft gives away three-month subscription

Microsoft is currently giving away a 3-month subscription from the Xbox Game Pass for the PC. If you meet two specific conditions, you can secure the free subscription until the end of April.

Fans of Forza Horizon 5, Halo: Infinite and Age of Empires 4 can currently snap the Xbox Game Pass for PC as a three-month free subscription **. Microsoft requires two conditions in the action: Gamers may have not yet completed Game-Pass Membership and have shown one of the three games mentioned before 28 February 2022 on the PC.

Xbox Game Pass: 3 months free Zock

As a PC player who has not yet owned a game-pass subscription, you now have a good opportunity to try the service of Microsoft – as long as you before February 28, 2022 Forza Horizon 5, Halo: Infinite or Age of Empires 4 Gifted on the PC. Microsoft wants to thank the announcement post on Twitter with the action at players who bought one of the games outside the Game Pass.

Game Pass de PC GRATUITO!!!????????Microsoft está REGALANDO tres meses de Game Pass para PC
So if you are one of the Forza, AoE or Halo fans and have held out of the Xbox Game Pass so far, you now have the opportunity to test the popular subscription service for three months for free. To assake the offer, you will need to back up the trial subscription until 30 April 2022 on the Microsoft website.

__Here’s the trial subscription from Xbox Game Pass!

Does Microsoft change successful subscription model?

The Xbox Game Pass has turned out for Microsoft in recent years as a true hit and can look forward to steadily increasing membership numbers. After Sony recently announced the restructuring of PS plus, but rumors have also been loud about a (price) redesign of the Xbox subscription. With the three-month free subscription you can try the service for happiness now, without having to worry about possible price increases.

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