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Once upon a time

MOSS: Book II starts a few minutes after the first game’s conclusion. In order not to disclose the latter for those who would not (still) do, so I will avoid too much to say. Just remember that the game is based on the complementarity between the heroin of the story, the small mouse of the name of Quill, and the player, embodying a “reader” in this world.

The title of interactive history is particularly relevant to designate this game. Indeed, the narration occupies a central place in the narrative, it stops regularly to bring the player back into a chapel, in front of a book of which he has to turn the pages for the rest of the story. It is not particularly well written and the narrative wall that the player takes takes in the first minutes of the game (in order to remind him of the events of the first opus, in detail) has something to rebut. However, once this first obstacle crowded, the story quickly becomes stakeholder.

Indeed, failing to have an original, well written or surprising story, Moss has the merit of excel in its staging. Rare for a small independent game, Moss: Book 2 took advantage of an integral translation into French, going to the end credits and including a high quality French dubbing. While the most sold game of history did not even give this sentence, it is really appreciable that the developers of Polyarc have consented to this investment, which greatly reinforces the immersion.

It would be wrong, however, to limit the qualities of Moss’s staging: Book 2 to its integral translation, which is actually only the cherry on the cake. The entire sound dressing is of quality, whether they are music or sounds, which are always relevant. The characters are endearing, in large part thanks to a quality chara design. However, all this is always only accessory compared to the main quality of the title: it is absolutely beautiful.

Anecdote: In the editorial team of JeuxLine, some editors are used to machineling their game, multiplying screenshots. I’m pretty the opposite: I take a little bit and then gets away. Moss, on the other hand, was an exception. Indeed, each level gives the impression of being facing a painting, the result of which is intoxicating.

You will probably not understand it by looking at mere images or videos of the game. The best proof of this is the fact that despite the many screenshots I have taken, I finally decided to use the official images to illustrate this article, because none of my catches did not really justice at the game. Moss: Book II is one of the games that must live, which show in a few moments why virtual reality is such a wonderful technology, in despite his faults on which we will come back below. It is a title that would have no interest without this technology, but which exploits it fully, offering a spectacular visual result, but not only.

A simple but effective gameplay

Moss Book 2 | Review | PSVR - Where There's a Quill, There's a Way!

Moss: Book II is played exclusively on the joystick. If this can worry for a virtual reality game, it is actually very comfortable; I never felt kinetosis playing. To achieve this, the game offers fixed plans, on which the small mouse, Quill, evolves according to the instructions of the player. The latter plays the role of the camera, before teleporting when our heroine reaches the next level.

Concretely, the game takes the form of puzzles, globally quite simple: you have to find out how to reach the exit, which is usually done by moving certain objects or taking a specific path. It happened to me a few times to be blocked, to the point of having to search for an LET’S PLAY how to move forward, but the majority of levels work very well. If the gameplay is initially simple, it gradually enriches itself to increase the possibilities of the player, although he still remains quite basic.

If the only constraint of the levels is to finish them, they also contain scrolls to discover and crates to break. All this is optional, but agreeably enriches the game experience, without being too difficult; Paradoxically, if I had to look for the solution of some levels, I never had a difficulty in reaching the scrolls, nor did he miss one during my main adventure.

In addition, one feels a real kindness on the part of the developers. Indeed, the levels are quite short, but each contains several control points so as not to have to start again in case of unfortunate fall. Similarly, the game contains some fights, against waves of enemies or against a few bosses; Each time, die does not oblige to start again, but simply brings back at the beginning of the sequence concerned, these fights being divided into multiple small parts. In one case, I even had the impression that the sequence was simplified as my failures.

Of all the qualities of Moss: Book II, this one is probably the most put forward: the developers have made sure that all players can overcome their title, without feeling excessive frustration.

The main adventure lasts about 5 hours taking its time, a little more if you track the successes. These are not as successful as the rest of the game, because a good part does not get from naturally; You really have to play to get them, with a guide on hand, which is obviously not a good approach to these achievements.

A brilliant game for a second zone helmet

Moss: Book II came out on March 31, 2022, exclusively on PlayStation VR . This is its main fault.

Despite the fact that the game takes place in the controller, the developers have made the strange choice to rest on very few buttons. Thus, to make a rollance, press the attack key (square) then on the jump (cross). Later in the game, Quill gets the ability to perform an dash. To activate this skill, keep the attack key (square, always), put the controller on the mouse, press R2 when you are there, then reapprove on the attack key so that Quill will come to the front. Another example: To change the weapon, it is necessary to open the inventory (by pressing the touchpad), placing its controller on the appropriate weapon, press R2 and then move by now R2 until to quill to get involved.

Let’s say it clearly: it’s a hell. It is really strange that Polyarc has decided to ask as many steps for certain actions, while some keys (round, triangle, L1 and R1, the more the directional keys) are unused. It would have been much simpler to have the rollade on round, the special attack on triangle and the change of weapon via L1 / R1.

In addition, they really face the limits of the PLAYSTATION VR on this plan. As this one rests on a fixed camera, it is sometimes impossible to reach quill with the joystick, because it is outside the game space. I understand the will of these direct interactions between the player and the mouse and the mouse and They are globally friendly, as when quill hands us to congratulate us, but on many occasions, the absence of a real room scale transforms an action that should be simple in a true trail of the fighter.

“A real obstacle course” is also a good description of how to play the game from a PlayStation 5 . Indeed, if it is completely retro-compatible, the PlayStation VR does not like the new Sony console. To be able to use it, it is necessary to use an adapter for the camera playstation, that of the PlayStation 5 is not compatible with the helmet. In addition, if Moss: Book II is played exclusively on the controller, the dualsense can not be used; It is necessary to have a dualshock 4. For all these reasons, even if I can only recommend you to play Moss: Book II, it’s probably better waiting for its output on meta Quest 2 or the output of Sony’s next virtual reality helmet.


Moss: Book II will be released on Meta Quest 2 this summer

The guardian of the galaxy

When I agreed to test Moss: Book II, it was initially only one pretext to force me to reinstall my PlayStation VR, stored at the cellar since the exit of the PlayStation 5. However, the adventure knew Embarride by its breathtaking staging as well as by its simple and accessible gameplay. If you have a virtual reality helmet, MOSS: Book II is probably a forced passage, so much it would be a shame to deprive themselves.

On the other hand, as said above, it is probably better to choose another support than the PlayStation VR to fully enjoy the title. In addition, if you have not played the first opus, you can easily start with this one, but I will advise you to start with Moss before attacking his suite, because both games are so close to there. has little chance that one you like and not the other.

_Test directed by Alandring on PlayStation 5 (via RetroCompatibility PlayStation 4) with a version provided by the developer.

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