Future in front: Bochum frustration after the goatless

Easily removed from the coach bank, the red-locked Thomas rice on Sunday afternoon had to experience how his team elapsed the first opportunity to make prematurely make the league. More: For the second time in a row, the VfL presented itself in extremely questionable form, with weaknesses in all the teams.

A week ago, at 0: 3 in Freiburg, the Bochum had already presented in a very weak constitution, but at least against one of the top teams of the league, because the SC Freiburg delivers amazing at the current season week for week.

Rice: “Opponents with two mistakes are invited to the goal shooting”

As in Freiburg, the Bochumern also succeeded against the FC Augsburg; The host made the crucial mistakes at the Castroper Straße and missed any ideas and gate danger. “That was a very used day,” rice refers to the 0: 2, “we have invited the opponent with two mistakes practically to the goal shooting.”

His troupe has shown character, “but we were in front of it.” By the way, not for the first time: In the recent three games, VfL played hardly scorchances and did not score a single hit. Was the 0: 0 against Bayer Leverkusen still extremely respectable, above all the uninspired appearance against Augsburg leaves the observers with question marks in his eyes.

On the target straight without freshness and determination

Of course on the target straight so the VFL seems to lack the freshness and determination to bring a superior season into the finish. At eight points ahead of the VFB Stuttgart, who is currently in Tableplace 16, nothing should burn, especially since the VFB still has to compete against Bayern, for example.

Classification in the derby at BVB?

But to leave the season with a superior feeling, high performance in the last three games would be extremely helpful, for example next Saturday at Derby at BVB. In the first leg, for example, the newcomer had a blueprint, as this encounter should run. With the extreme use and passion, the Bochumers had offered the black-yellow neighbor of Paroli and a 1-1 was the result of. Similarly aggressive, the VFL should also occur on Saturday in Dortmund.

Against Augsburg Simon Zoller had first belonged to the starting eleven for the first time after his cruciate ligament tear, and at least the experienced offensive man threw all purely to succeed, invested a lot, was constantly traveling, aggressively starting. Of course, he is not in top condition, significantly weaker but presented his secondary people.

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Lichtblick Zoller

Gradually, the Markus Gellhaus, which this time, changed all offensive forces without the VFL came to a dangerous degree. “Above all, the creativity was missing us,” Criticized Captain Anthony Losilla. “The last passport or the flank did not arrive. We have to play better to create the league.”

In any case, the Patzer from his own audience ensures frustration. “That was Managing Director Sebastian Schindzielorz,” would have been a fantastic opportunity to create the league in front of their own fans. Now we will try again in the coming week. “

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