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Anillo de Elden Players report that they have been expelled from the game after acquiring an article called «Deathbed SMALLS». Deathbed Smalls resemble a couple of underwear and use the deathbed companion, FIA. The Developer fromSoftware eliminated the element of the game, but it seems that the modders have made it available once again and are leaving them so that online players pick them up. After apparently get the article from a random player, Reddit Ok-Communication7125 user received a warning in the game. Then, the user contacted the Bandai Namco editor and a representative told him that he would have to delete all his saved files and reinstall the game, or face a strong suspension.

“With respect to the warning message you received, this means that the element you obtained from that random player could be an injected element and there could also be other elements like that that could have activated this warning. That’s why I’m sorry. Being me who will inform you about this, but you must delete all the file files for Elden Ring and reinstall the game to make sure your account is not stopped for 180 days, “it is read in the response.

For players like Ok-Communication7125, this situation is understandably frustrating! The Reddit user states that he did not know that the Deathbed SMALLS article was meant to be unattainable and, as a result of picking it up, he has now lost a saved file of 220 hours. Readers should take this into account when playing Elden_ online, and should stay away from Deathbed Smalls if they meet the element in the game. It is not clear exactly why fromSoftware decided to cut the item first, but if players want to avoid eliminating their hard work, they should actively avoid grabbing this element.

Anillo de Elden is now available at PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. All our previous coverage of the game can be found here.

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