The new titles EA on Steam still require their origin, and people are not happy

If you hate having to download a new launcher for a game, you are not al1. Steam, EPIC. GOG, Origin… Ugh, the hassle and the computer slows down! To aggravate things, some of them are absolutely terrible to use, including origin, which is cumbersome, slow and terribly integrated into the games. So when EA has recently started handing over his games on Steam, many people (including myself) were delighted. But wait, do not go yet to buy them! You must always use Origin to play on Steam.

You just thought, what is the ****? Yeah me too. Not only should you launch Origin via Steam to start the game (my God, really?), But you must also enter your information every time, even if your accounts are linked. That’s right, every time. You close the game for an hour to work and come back? Yes, you must restart Origin via Steam, then enter your connection again. Delicious.

Take a look at this review for Burnout:

_ “The hassle you have to face with Origin are ridiculous. It asks me to connect to Origin every time I start the game, even when my account information is saved so I do not have to connect. In addition, the game does not even start, nor from Steam or Origin, just black screen after the other whatever I’m trying to do. Before this problem is solved, it is unplayable. “_

And for Dragon Age Inquisition:

_ “Love the game (and DAO) but ♥♥♥♥ EA and ♥♥♥♥ Origin. I have 344 hours on the original version and I was super excited not to have to use it anymore. It turns out that you have to download a lighter version of origin to play where you are forced to connect. Stop working after connecting and refuses to run. By the grace of God, I operate it, then it locks during a loading screen after choosing my race and my class. Continue to plant, unfortunately, returning the game. (The game has absolutely no problem and has never planted on the original version.) _ Thank you for giving me another reason to hate you. »

To make the situation more interesting, it seems that it causes performance problems for some and, in the worst case, breaks the game in an unplayable state.

Steam: Fix EA Games

Yeah… I guess my boycott of EA is not going to drop so early.

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