[Reporter notebook] Saigae, April Fools Day game like this kind of quality?

※ This screenshot, video was recorded as ‘iPad Pro 4th Generation 12.9’.

‘Prixine Grand Masters’ (hereinafter, Fret)

It was a game that was too high for the completeness to say that it was simple apral days. It was a full-fool’s only when I heard the news at first. Many gamers have begun to install the game without you to do this on this news.

First of all, I felt that I felt a game, I felt that the basic chemistry was made up of the “Umamusume + Dota Underload”. The basic rules and methods of Ottoxes are the feeling of Dota Underload, 3D graphics, menus, and UI designs are affected by Umamusume, made by the same developer.

The main menu was divided into the & lt; RTI ID = 0.0 & gt; & lt; / RTI & gt; & lt; / RTI & gt; In the impression, I was able to see the character and equipment, and I was able to check the story again in memories. Ranking was able to check the entire score and the number of days (Daily) ranked by April 8, and the menu was able to return to the title, check the tips, or set the options. In the settings, the quality and frame rate of the 3D model could also be adjusted.

If you enter the most important battle, the tutorial and the main battle, and the boss battle will be waiting. In the main battle, we can enjoy the 8-person autumn autumn to the 8 caused by the Boss Battle, and the Boss Battle is a content that confronts the raid boss using his final members accumulated by the 8-year-old Auto Battle. For example, if you have 4, you can take 4 members and enter the raid.

The story of the Fret’s story has made the Moa Raid Boss, and the story of the Twinkle Wish, which has fallen from each other, and the story of the Raid Boss, And the story, the leader has a leader, because this leader deals with emotional expressions and actions in the main battle, and quickly to set the story to a favorite character. In the case of me, I did not have to quickly see the story because of the six members of the six members.

Main Battle was a rule that was accustomed to the ‘Dota Underload’ or another Otoba. The character’s born star (castle) has been divided into the 1st generation from the 1st generation, and the rank system has a rank system to combine three characters, and it becomes more powerful and becoming more powerful. In other words, if you collect 1 rank characters, it becomes 3 ranks and the most powerful character is born. In addition, it was very important to keep ‘Type Synergy’. I have been a strategy, and the character’s character is a strategy, and a strategy, and the first place. The most basic rule of the Otoba Luner, the ranking system, type synergies. If you understand all this is high, the site is not difficult.

However, it was because I thought that it was not a game that is not a game that is not just a game on the Otob Relief Genre. Familiar Prixone’s character could have emotional expressions, and each character was similar to the occupation of the occupation of each character, and the equipment system, and the equipment that was familiar with Frean through the Equipment system could be mercerized to the character. Because of this, the game was remarkable to be the mistake that Frecone was originally from the original. It’s much more fun than the Prixone Match.

If you want to speak to the audit of theory, I think that the perpendicular completeness of the April Fool’s Day Games was very high. Usually April Fool’s Day is a game that is most likely to be created by ‘Mini Games’, or by showing only video, it is just a Most April, this is just an auto trailer genre. Of course, Mobile Games have been in the Mobile Games, and the disadvantages of the story have existed, but the completeness of the main game that repeatedly repeatedly repeatedly.

And I heard a question at the same time. This is the game that has a high school game in Games. Of course, the site was not a BM structure, and it was close to the mini-game that was close to the mini-game that enjoyed the main battle that can be attached to people. So far, I look at the game for April Fool’s Day, but I do not have a problem if the Auto Cherse system is well made to flow based on the main battle of the Dota Underload.

So in the year, the story of April Fool’s Day is a shield. The credibility is not so high, but it is not a lower one, but it is a simple apriced game. So when the service end of the service was announced on April 8, everyone has come to tell me when the release of formal release was when it was.

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In addition, there are cases where real Fool’s Day games have been released. I have a ‘Fighting EX layer’ with the most famous anecdote. Game Developers, Akira, was released by the April of Awa on Akira. In the end, the game was released.

In addition, it is also possible that the content released for April is actually added. In the case of ‘StarCraft 2’, ‘Teratron’ was a very cool Terran’s final weapon (?). Teratron’s modeling is made, so it has appeared as a final boss on the mini-game of freedom wings, ‘Road Stray Viking’. In the ‘trickical’ in the ‘trickical’ in the epidal Games, the Fur Chae was apricial campaign, and later, I have also added a pastury character to NPC.

Since the game that has been developed for April Fool’s Day, there is a lot of enemy that appeared in real cases, so the game that has released a week for a week and serves a weekly, and it is not possible to release the formal release. In particular, OTO Railway has a structure that is difficult to reverse the game play, as long as the game play is long and reversed, and the use of many OTO treads is going to change the structure, and it is a short length of the protocas, I have configured it right and exit this manners. I can see that it is a quality that is a quality that can not be doubtful to the formal release, but the number of content compared to the quality may be a very temporary April Fool’s Day game to poor.

Between the Games is simply a game that simply leaves the game, or it will come to the BM structure and a site that adds a new game mode to the new game mode. No one knows, but I would like to see Precone’s cute characters on the battlefield again. I once encountered a lot of Dota Underload, but I would like to have a Freces instead of him.

So Games Between Games! Open the server door quickly !!

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