Nintendo Switch: 10 video games totally WTF !!!

The Switch catalog is full of excellent games, but some have totally crazy and unimaginable concepts. The writing of JV went to search for you the 10 most WTF games of the Nintendo hybrid console to deliver alone or between friends.


Bomb Chicken

Bomb Chicken is a platform released in July 2018, developed and edited by nitrome. The principle is simple. You are a hen having obtained the power to lay bombs. This mechanics may seem limited, but is terribly effective with many possibilities. For example, you can stack the explosives to raise you, make a barricade, counterweight, etc… Prepare to face the terrible CFB fast food corporation to discover the terrible secret that hides behind their piquant sauce as blue as addictive. Between the title, the name of the developer and the concept, everything is said: expect a spicy and explosive adventure.

Deeeer Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game

Well, we started gently with the chicken game, but now we go to serious things! Deeeer Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game came in November 2021, was developed by Game Games, and… it’s completely WTF! You control a deer not like the others. Extend your neck to hang on the walls such Spider-Man. Deploy your non-standard skills to save the city… or destroy it. If you do it, train you because the police will not hesitate to deploy his dog robot megazord to stop you. Never forget it, a great power involves great responsibilities, even as deer. Use it to pierce the terrible and dark secret that hides the city. In short, if you liked Goat Simulator, this game is for you!


Do you like to play dice? No matter the answer, because with Dicey Dungeons , you will become addicted. This small index game came out in December 2020 and is developed by Distractionware Limited. You can embody up to 6 characters with totally different game styles. You have the warrior, the thief, the magician, the robot, the madman and the inventor… simple, classic but effective! But what will come to add a little pepper to your experience lies in the simple fact that your characters are dice. They are therefore subject to the random to use their capacities. It’s up to you to take advantage of it to be able to defeat Lady Aléa, the goddess of luck.

Gang Beatsts

Imagine playing Smash Bros, but in addition gelatinous. Gang Beatsts is a multiplayer game released in October 2021 and developed by Boneloaf Games. To summarize, you can face up to 4 in a multi-danger arena, but with exaggerated and crazy physics. If you do not have friends, you can always fight the gangs of the city-beef city solo. Behind this completely stamped Baston game, Human Creators are hiding: Fall Flat released in 2016. The title proposed to solve puzzles with a level of physics just as delusional. If you want to spend a moment with friends, gang beasts is all found!


Let’s go back a little in the videoludic meanders with Human Rocket Person , released in 2019 and developed by 2nd Studio I / O. You control a man-canon on a jumper stick that uses his Pets as a propeller in order to… Save the universe. What more do you mean? As we write these lines we do not already know what to say so much the WTF bar is high. You control your character with imprecise orders as much as possible, which makes the game terribly hard and frustrating, but that’s exactly what developers have desired: transforming frustration into pleasure by overcoming the obstacles of this atypical die and retry.


Katamari Damacy Reroll is the remill of the eponymous game released on PS2 in 2004. You play the Prince of Cosmos whose mission is to repair the damage of his father, the king of the cosmos. He has the unfortunate tendency to destroy the stars of the universe, that’s why you have to recreate them. For this, you have the katamari, a ball that attracts everything it touches. Browse the levels to grow your ball and save missing stars. The bigger it becomes big, the more it attracts is fat. This remastered version came out in December 2018 and promises you an unforgettable adventure through this particular father-son relationship.

Roombo: First Blood

No. It’s not Rambo, but Roombo: First Blood !!! You control a small cute robot vacuum cleaner ready to suck the blood from its enemies. Burglars break into you and you have to eliminate them without any mercy. Hide and wait for the right moment. Many opportunities are available to you like making the fan fall on them, unleashing the fires of the hell of the chimney or more simply to darken in it to dismember them! Finally, do not forget to clean the blood to leave no trace of your carnage. With this game, you have enough to satisfy your sadistic instincts. One thing is safe for Roombo: it was war!

Serial Cleaner

Nintendo Switch painful launch
Do you know the craft of crime scene cleaners? Some form it officially, others… informally, like you, in Serial Cleaner . Put yourself in the skin of these shadow cleaners in this infiltration game at the Metal Gear Solid. Remove traces of blood, remove corpses and destroy the evidence without making you spot by the police! Released in November 2017 and developed by Draw Distance, this game will feast you through its seventies atmosphere, its crazy cinematics and completely assumed absurdity. ILE ST to pick up corpses with impunity!


You know what ? Tinder, fruitz, etc. It’s overecked. Try rather * Speed Dating for Ghosts **! This meeting simulation offers you no less than 14 ghosts to discover and seduce. Ask them questions to find out how they died, know their earlier life and help find rest. But be careful, some will be more enclosed or even dangerous than others. Make the right choice by choosing your answers because… we never know what it can happen with a ghost. Mixing horror, comedy and emotion, Speed Dating for Ghost is unique. In any case, with this game, do not be surprised if you are “ghosté”.

Untitled Goose Game (2019)

UNTITLED GOOSE GAME , or “Untitled goose game” in the language of Molière, is clearly not a title like the others. We are far from the WTF level of Goat Simulator or Deeeer Simulator: Your Average Everyday Deer Game. But beware, it is not because it is more dirt to the ground, that it is not crazy. You play a goose that has one goal: to live a hell to the humans around him. Turn them, fly them, scare them with your wings and regret to exist in the same city as you. Released in 2019 and developed by House House, this delirious goose simulation has been a great success in the United States and the United Kingdom. Let your sadism speak and go sowing mess and desolation in this poor village. On the other hand, station to you. From time to time, the villagers also feel pushing wings and they will not hesitate to take revenge.


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