Xbox surprise: Game pass rips PlayStation

Game pass subscribers can look forward to a surprising new addition this month: Xbox has ranged a game for the subscription service, which was previously exclusively available on the PS4 and PS5.

Microsoft also donates the Xbox Game Pass again in April again some new games – and one of them is a special surprise, because it is previously only as an exclusive GAME on the PS4 and PS5 appeared. With Bugsnax now comes a former launch game of the PlayStation 5 for the first time on the Microsoft consoles.

Xbox Game Pass: Bugsnax with surprise debut

Bugsnax will celebrate its debut on the Xbox for two weeks: The charming slope Indie-hit by Developer Studio Young Horses lands already on April 28 in the Game Pass . In addition to the basic game, Game pass subscribers can also look forward to the Isoble of BigSnax, which appears the same day, adds new content to the game and also included without extra costs in the subscription. (Source: Xbox)

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In the adventure you have to look for a discoverer who is lost on the island of Schleckum. In this colorful environment, you meet the naming bugsnax creatures (half animal, half snack) that catch your and feed to the islanders .

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Microsoft snaps PlayStation game

In times of time-limited exclusive games Bugsnax is not the first and certainly not last game that changes from one platform to the other. In the past, for example, Rise of the Tomb Raider was exclusively available on the Xbox One for a year before it appeared on the PS4. Likewise, it is expected this year in September the PS5 exclusivity of Deathloop will expire – the game of Bethesda developer Arcane Studios had already been part of a deal with PlayStation before taking over by Microsoft. With the expiration of the usual exclusivity of one year from release, the time-strapping shooter is thus also to be expected this fall for the Xbox Game Pass.

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