“Shin, Goddess Tensei V” over 1 million. Toppy and strong “Megaten” new work

The Atlas announced that the total shipment number of the package version of “ Shin, Goddess Tensei V ” and the total number of downloaded versions of the Download version have been announced on April 18th. The game will be released in November 2021, and it will be a large platform over 5 months. Sale is also implemented in commemoration of sales.

“Shin-Goddess Tensei V” is the latest Latest Production of Atlas’s Popular RPG “True / Goddess Tensei” series. The main character is a high school third grader living in Tokyo. Going to the Joint Rop Gakuen of the Family Like, he caught in a break accident of a day tunnel and wakes up at Tokyo that has been devastated and demonstrated. The protagonist transfolted to the presence of contraindications by a mysterious man who appeared in front of a sudden eye. He uses Nahhavino’s power and will throw yourself in the battle of God and the devil.

In this work, UNREAL ENGINE 4 is adopted for game development. It is polished to 3D expression, and the devil is drawn beautifully, and the environment is vividly depicted. In addition to the closed dungeon, we will search for open fields. Basic game systems follow the past series, the world and battle of evolved devil are expanded. “Shin-Goddess Tensei V” has been reported to be well-received from the release, and at the new year’s New Year’s card comment planned for Famitsu, Atlas reported that the same work breaks up 800,000 in January. It will be said to have extended 200,000 from there.

The same work is the first world simultaneous lunch work for Atlas. Ranked 9th in the package chart of November 13 of the United Kingdom by GFK or GFK. In addition, as sales data for American market research firm NPD, “Shin-Goddess Tensei V” ranked 16th at November ranking. It has been reported that there were more sales in the “True and Goddess Tensei” series.

As a reference data, sales of “Shin, Goddess Tensei IV” are “600,000 or more” as of July 2015. The new work is currently higher than the number. Currently, it is expanded with Nintendo Switch, but if there is another hardware development, sales will grow further.

On April 25, sales of downloaded versions, which are the first domestic domestic edition. In addition to being sold for 30% off 6914 yen, each DLC is sold off 40% off. If you are worried, check it.

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