If Filter Game Boy Emulator for Online Switch

A lot has been talked about the integration of Game Boy games at Nintendo Switch Online . Since last year, rumors about this integration have circulated on the Internet, but everything seemed to indicate that this was not going to happen. However, a new filtration has pointed out that games like Super Mario Land could reach the hybrid console shortly.

Recently, Archives of a Game Boy emulator, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance emerged on 4chan . According to the filtered information, the GBA emulator has the name of “Sloop” and the GB emulator is called “Hiyoko”. These two have been developed by the Nerd Team (Nintendo European Research & Development), the subsidiary based in Paris responsible for a large part of the company’s emulation efforts in recent years.

NERD has been in charge of the emulation of classical consoles and emulation N64 / GameCube / Wii in _Super Mario 3D All-Stars _ . In this way, it seems that it is only a matter of time before the online switch service expands, either with a new subscription option, or with the sum of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance to some of the Two modalities already available.

On related topics, these were the last games to be added to the online switch of NES and SNES. In the same way, the online switch has received an important update.

Editor’s note:

GBA Nintendo Switch Online CONFIRMED! HUGE LEAK Game Boy Advance Switch!

The idea of seeing the Game Boy and the family of him in the online switch is something that the fans have expected and imagined for years. In this way, perhaps the launch of mother 3 finally occurs by this means, which would be the best news for the fans of Nintendo.

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