YouTube: The 15 most successful gaming

Whether Minecraft, Fortnite, or Call of Duty: Gaming content on YouTube are still in many cases 2022. Also in German space, there are numerous YouTube channels that deal intensively with a variety of games. We introduce you to the 15 most successful gaming channels in Germany.

Top 15 of the most successful gaming channels on Youtube from Germany

The list is similar to our Twitch ranking sorted by the number of subscribers of the respective channel. Subscribe is completely free for the user and informs him regularly about new video uploads and other content of the subscribed channel. However, the value does not provide a detailed statement about the respective retrieval numbers of individual videos.

Nevertheless, the subscription number is next to Likes, call numbers and comments still an important value for a YouTube channel. In addition to the subscribers, we also reveal a few background info to the Youtuber and what current gaming focus he persecuted. A German gaming youtuberin has not yet been established in the list.

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Handofblood, Zombey or Paluten: The rioses of the big gaming channels in Germany have been partly represented on the platform for several years. But a channel manifies it like all the years earlier in place 1 to say and once celebrated great success with Minecraft.

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