Lost ARK: Will a battle pass soon for the MMO of Amazon and Smilegate soon?

Available from February 11 in the West, Lost Ark is undoubtedly one of the games of the year. Despite the launch problems, in particular the extremely complicated access to saturated servers, the MMO of Smilegate has managed to recover players to guarantee a minimum of sustainability, with an average of 325,000 simultaneous connections in the last thirty days.

If those responsible do not want the Hype to decay, it will have to offer new content regularly. That is why on April 11, The YouTube Canal Lost Ark published a video about the basic concepts and updates of competitive PVP. However, it was not really the content that caught the attention of the players, but rather a detail in the game interface .

A battle pass soon?

Lost Ark Amazon Leaks

As expected, this has been massively shared in Reddit. In fact, in the upper right part of the screen, there is an icon called “ ark pass ” that currently does not exist in the game. Although Smilegate has not yet communicated anything about this topic, most players are already convinced that it is a battle pass that will appear soon.

We already know the editors’ roadmap for April and May and the addition of a battle pass is not mentioned, so this function would not reach June as soon as soon . It is a classic option of free-to-play games, so its launch at Last Ark would not be a surprise. It remains to be seen if it is an interesting incentive for those who play many hours, or stay in borrajas water.

For those who do not know, a battle pass is a service that can be purchased with real money and allows players to unlock more content than the base game. Cosmetics, Extras of Experience, Gifts… The goal is to give an advantage to the players who pay to finance the game, and that’s why we find this option in many free-to-play.

a year that promises to be rich in updates

If you are going to appear a battle pass at Lost Ark, it is not surprising that Smilegate is waiting at least June: Spring is already loaded new content! The two new classes are added to the number of classes already available, The Southern Berne Continent opens its doors, a new RAID appears and a series of events.

Therefore, players have a lot to do by the end of May, it is not necessary to add new options in the game, especially because the strategy of implementing a battle pass just before the summer holidays would no doubt be a Seamless plan by the publisher, because part of your community will get a good dose of free time , which can encourage the purchase.

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