Krypto-Gaming: Ultima Creator Richard Garriot Announces MMO with NFTs and Blockchain

Many veterans of the game industry are renamed the large studio system to no longer be dependent on the arbitrariness of the publishers and having to tire every trend. Especially because many of these trends are elements that are critically seen by the gaming community and distract them from the actual game. Including Lootboxes, microstransaktions, live service games and of course the latest obsession of the industry: NFTs. The technique shifted as a charlatania and fraud mesh is a major part of the gamer a mandrel in mind, which has studios like Team 17 has meanwhile animated for repercussion.

Other, including gaming personalities like Peter Molyneux,, on the other hand, are already fully jumped on the trend and see the technology’s future of the medium – or at least a lucrative source of money. This group also includes Ultima Creator Richard Garriott. For the newly founded Studio Demeta, a subsidiary of metaverse-tech company Dehorizon, Garriott works on an MMO that should use blockchain technology and include NFTs.

Own (of NFTS) as a core principle

The project has not yet. However, possession should be a fundamental part of the Game Design. So it is planned that players can buy, design and regulate parts of the game world. The game should be designed equally from the developer team as well as from the gaming and include elements of Minecraft and Roblox. In the interview with MMORPG Garriott and Demeta-CEO Todd Porter vague talked about the roles that can be taken in the game.

_ “There are people who want to be the guy who belongs to the weapons business or the type that has the quarry or the type that provides the wood for building the buildings. And then there are people who want to be adventurers. It Gives different groups of people who want to participate “_, so porter.

According to Garriott, _ “Participation and possession” _ are the cornerstones of the gameplay. So it seems to be a kind of open-world simulation with quests and multiplayer focus, which also has a minecraft-like creative component.

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“We actually create games”

According to Porter, NFTs should be an essential part of the project, but the focus is definitely on creating a game primarily and no fraud.

_ “What we are bringing is that we actually create games. Many of the players [in the area of NFTs] that you see outside, the look like fraudsters who do not even know what kind of game they build. But I mean ‘We know how to build games. And we bring credibility in this room. I hope, people understand that our fanbase is very important to us. And we do not want to involve them in a situation that is exploited with evil intentions. ” _

Why blockchain technology?

The blockchain should ensure that every transaction can be monitored with game objects. As an example, why he considers that makes sense, Garriott calls the trade between players in Ultima Online.Dort, match objects were temporary and sold outside the Ingame economy for real money without the development team of it knew. Now, when an update changes are made to a game item, it may be that the object suddenly is much stronger or weaker than what you bought.

The fact that all transactions are documented is supposed to be prevented. A real system, let alone protective measures against data clay or hacking attacks, but Porter and Garriott have not yet considered. Garriott seems to be confident yet.

_ “We have not even worked out the details, but the fact that we have the complete transaction history means that there is no trade of money or objects that is not held. […] We should be able to Being to build protective measures to build [our blockchain] so that we can liquidate both sides of a transaction in the event of a hack. “_

Unnecessarily, incomprehensible and uninteresting for players

The fact that trading in digital goods works without blockchain or NFTs seems to acknowledge Garriott even. In his view, it should not be interested in players, which technology is based on the product.

_ “I believe that in the modern era of gaming itself a game that does not put on Crypto has a database that you have to accept that it has strength on a banking level. On the other hand, the game falls completely in itself Together, whether you are hacked internally or externally. […] There should be no reason that players want to know or scissors that this [game] is on the blockchain. “_

In the interview with Portern, Garriott also reveals that he himself is Crypto investor, but the process finds so confusing that he does not intend to deal with the subject of normal players.
_ “I’m investor in Krypto currency. I think that’s incredibly complex and difficult. So we do not make any illusions that we can expect from players to know from the blockchain or to interest them. We take care of everything behind the

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