Bugsnax will arrive at Xbox Game Pgames, Xbox, Switch and PC next to the free update

Bugsnax wgame announced at one of the PS5 presentation events, although it is an intergenerational game that also came out in PS4. The responsible study, Young Horses, hgame not confirmed the relegamee date of the free expansion of the island of Bigsnax, but hgame also uncovered that the videogame will be marketed on other platforms. Since April 28, players will be able to access the new content and the Nintendo Switch versions, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. game if that were not enough, it will become part of the catalog of Xbox Game Pgames and PC Game Pgames.

“The update of Isla de Bigsnax will be launched on April 28 for all Bugsnax players,” have published on official social networks. “That’s not all, the newly updated version of Bugsnax will arrive at Xbox One + Series X / S + PC Game Pgames, Nintendo Switch Eshop and Steam on the same day”.

What is BigSnax Island?

Kevin Zuhn, creative director of Young Horses, hgame explained in the Official Blog of PlayStation that this content “is a totally new biome” that doubles in size to any other. According to the developer, the BichiSnax are also gigantic: “Your partners growled and you will give you a good scare when this dough of land emerges from the sea near the cogamet of the island Attempié. Quickly you train a group of volunteers that include Fortacho, Ñamti, Truffina, and Yerba, and VAIS in a boat to investigate the mysterious island. “

The new BichiSnax are so large that will not fall into the usual traps . To catch them, it will be necessary to use “a very useful spice” that is called Encogenora Specia. It is a product a very volatile product, so the player will have only 30 seconds to launch it against one of these creatures.

On this island, it will also be possible decorate your own cottage with all kinds of furniture, garden elements and wallpaper. They promise more than 180 elements to collect.

Bugsnax & The Isle of Bigsnax - Official 101 Trailer

Bugsnax wgame qualified with a 7.5 in the analysis of meristation.

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