Todays Wordle Answer No. 300: Notes for Friday, April 15

Wordle goes well in his 300th day. There are only 65 days left until we create it all the year and see the green and yellow blocks on our Twitter Timelines. Many people are still raving from the simplicity and how sharp their mind is when it comes to maintaining this winning streak. There are only so many words in the English alphabet, which are reasonably used in the everyday language. And for people who want to keep this streak and need a little push to keep running, here are some tips and hints for today’s (Friday 15 April) Answer for Wordle 300.

Notes for Wordle April 15th

Here are some hints that you have in the right direction for today’s answer:

  • This word has two vowels.
  • The word starts with a consonant graphic (two consonants together, “SH”)
  • This word ends with a vowel.
  • The word can be used as a noun or verb.
    • With regard to a noun, it is a sense of guilt or remorse.
    • With respect to a verb, it is a word that is used to humiliate or humiliate.

Today’s Wordle 300 Answer

Wordle - Answer Today #300 : 15 April 2022
For those who still do not get right for day 300, you can see below what the word is. Just knew that the answer is given away under the image.

The answer to the Wordle of 15 April is shame.

How does Wordle work?

Wordle is a daily word solution game where you need to guess the word of the day by using all words with five letters that you can come up with. You have six attempts before you lose on this day, so you have to use the hints that give you the game before using all six experiments.

If the word you have entered contains letters highlighted in green boxes, this means that you have properly guessed where the letter is in the actual word. If the letters are in yellow boxes, this means that the letter is present in the word of the day, but is not at the right position. The gray letters are wrong.

The game does not accept words that are less than or greater than five letters, nor random gauderschel, just to exclude certain letters. So think about it before using unconventional combinations.

You can now play Wordle in any web browser, whether you are on a PC or smartph1.

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