[Reporter notebook] How did Mahjong enjoy fun?

Wow, Mahjong is a popular day. I tried to explain the fun of Mahjong in the meantime, but I was a board game that mahjong was a difficult to approach something. The complexity of score bet or numerous terms. Once I have been in Hong Kong, I was not even difficult to see the Mahjong’s La, who was a bit of a cigarette.

I was able to recommend Mahjong more early to others. When I take a game cartridge at the time, I changed it to a different game in a few thousand games, but the uncle was so big that I was going to have a super dual kite for you. I brought a cartridge that has changed to superficms with trembling heart. The opening of the characters in the opening of the characters and the scenes of the beach and the female heroes and the strange character drawn losses, and the game that has been done several times, the game was roughly known if it was a situation, and a horny teenager.

I made a hand on a superior, called the beginning of the Mahjong of the ride. However, it is difficult to know how to know how to score it, and it is difficult to understand how it is scoring, I learned a few days a few days, and I learned a few days a few days, and I learned a few days a few days. I did not get innocent, but I was so sick that my head is thick. I know it’s a bigger, but the super-family code version is a home, called the identity of the game.

Although the alternative game shop, the uncle was still doing this game, but I can not know why, but anyway, I was curious of the most scary youth in the world that I learned to have fun of Mahjong.

However, there is no reason for that second to the right now. Riding the mouth of the mouth, several streams played Mahjong and introduced the rules with gameplay, and showed the game itself. It has been a step of moving the idea of the game itself that is purely Mahjong, and the idea of a lot of people who have been known and many of them were “I will do it”. And the rule of Mahjong is a strategy board game that can not be followed by a strategy board game. That’s why streamers take quite a pretty big mahjong in trends that change.

Learn how to play mahjong in 2.5 minutes
It is clear that the story that Mahjong is interesting, I can also listen to it before playing. But the fun of what you actually enjoy and see is pretty different. The story of others is to listen to your eyes, and that the strategy is spreading in my head.

Often, the interactive movie is hard to have a big sense of game. It says that someone is not a game, and it is said that it does not need to be hard to see through streaming, and YouTube images. But here is the most important one, but it is the leadingness of choice as it is not as much as it is.

Whether the player’s choice has a direct impact on the game, or others, the person who plays the game directly is the echoes that the choice will bring. And I am immersed in the situation that I have the initiative of the story, and it is a high value of the choice. Simply putting some options in the chat window and is different from typing. So I think I will make a distress for the choice in the game design from the position to accept the development of development.

In the end, there is a role and region of a player that is absolutely replaced by another video in the game that looks like a video that looks like a video, and a video that looks like a video. What is the interactive movie that I thought to see only the video on Online.

This is simply that you just knew all the games with YouTube Edition, I do not want to say that the company has ignored the appropriate guidelines and streaming the entire game to stream the game. No, this time, rather, the play of that other person has created the game directly, so it is more focused on the positive factor.

And let’s move the mind you want to play directly into action. Professional rating, or my favorite streamer is funny or having a fun game that I have fun. And they enjoy the subjective and numerous games and the feelings of the pleasure of those who read now with them are not always the same. Rather, it is also the evaluation of such experts, sometimes to know other fun, and the way to see the game is also increasing. And that would just preach a completely different pleasure as it just looks.

The game is just fun, but it is very fun, but it is really fun to play like a chewed meat. And again, Ana. Find a new game that gives you the funny funny fun.

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