How to get all items collectibles Rethramis Cooking in Lost Ark

You can find culinary collection items in each Lost Ark region. The search process or creating each of them can be difficult if you do not know what to do. Fortunately, below we collected all culinary collectibles for the continent Retrajess. Although many of them require several steps, some need only to buy.

Where to find all culinary collectibles in Retrajes in Lost Ark

Below you will find all the cooking items in the Foliant of the Retrajes Adventure Fielder. For a more detailed description of any collectible items listed below, click on their name to go to a special page.

Veda in Prydholma style

If you want home in Veda’s Prideholme style, you need to go to Praidholm and buy it. You will find Merchant potions Named Veda immediately after Tavern . If you talk with Vednoy, she will be able to provide you with the home food in Praidholm style for 3000 silver .

Flower oil Rardenia

You can find Flower oil REGRIA B Retrajes border area. Go to the middle of the map in this area, and you will find Regrine Monastery . Go there, but go to the Western entrance. When you are there, go closer to the left side of the pointed barricade. **** Find a security guard, and then go to the right to find an interactive button located above the torch.

Click Investigate icon to get Flower oil Rardenia.

Cider from the sprouts of the Dawn

To prepare a cider from the sprouts of the dawn tree, you need to find the only ingredient of Sun tree sprout in Retrajess border . You need to go to the Red Square in the image above.

Look at the red square on the map near the barricades. There is a sprout of a sun tree between the roasting and windmill. As soon as it appears, talk to the NPC chef by name heli and make a cider from the sprouts of the dawn for Silver 900 samples . It can be found in the southwestern part of Prydholma, just look for the “Hat Hang” icon.

Kraft Wheat Bread Regria

Getting Gigantic Wheat Bag is the first step in the preparation of wheat bread Regria. You can not make this bread without this ingredient. In the southern part of Prydholms, in the farm area, there is a gigantic wheat bag. You will find an interactive tip on the trolley with a hay before cows.

After you got a giant bag of wheat, you must talk with heli , cook in Praidholm. It can be found in the southwestern part. On the map Look for a cook hat icon. Choose Wheat Bread Remark In the cooking menu that appears and press request . The price may seem quite high in 1400 silver, But you will quickly return this money as the game is passing.

protein stew from white bird

You must find the only ingredient, discouraged lump before cooking a protein stew from a white bird. Loghill This is the only place where you can find a discought to the lump. You just need to go to the Red Square in the image above.

You must look for a bush next to the tree in the place above. It is located on the northern outskirts, right before turning on Eastern oratorio , where red square is highlighted. When a request for an investigation appears, hold grams Find it. You will receive a discouraged piece after using the quick search panel. If you wish, you can get several at once.

As soon as it appears you, go to the NPC Chef. Heli in Praidholm and with 1400 silver Buy yourself stewed protein from white bird.

500-year-old wine measure

The first thing you need to do is go to Akvilok’s head Dungeon in Mount Ankumo area. You will need to find a bonfire near the pile of trash in this place. It is possible to skip this object of collecting in the dungeon because it is hidden.

You can get to this place by pressing the lever on the left side of the screen, which is close to the dungeon.

All Rethramis Cooking Locations Guide In Lost Ark
As a result of the boulders, behind him will fall, and you can jump from the cliff to the hidden area that is not shown on the map. You will soon stumble upon the bag, if you go along the bottom wall of this place. Investigate in Rannel .

However, there is one small snag. You do not receive 500-year-old wine MERA – you get 499-year-old wine measure . This is especially. When you induce the cursor on the subject in the inventory, it shows a duration of two hours. Wait two hours in real time, and the 499-year-old wine of the measure will be 500-year-old wine vehicles .

Holy Potatoes with traces of teeth

You will need to improve the relationship with the bard sieter in Praidholm to get sacred potatoes with teeth traces. She will give you this item as soon as you reach the fourth level of mutual understanding. Add it to his foliary adventurerist will also just like it right-click in inventory, but its receipt will take a lot of time.

You can check our relationship with Siera, talking to her. You will find it at the top of the screen. Raipport level up to four will take some time and a lot of money. Check every day and continue to give her gifts or take other actions, such as “playing on the instrument”.

After you finally brought it to the fourth level of rapport, you can get a reward. You may require Ritual residues. Click on the retrag, then click Award Claims or Magnifying glass in the corner and click Award Claim Under Trusted **.

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