A whole new game on a 40-year-old console!

From time to time, some developers start the challenge of doing and getting out of the games on resolutely retro consoles: the title of which today is particularly bold because planned on the… Colecovision.

forty years and still all his teeth

Small reminder: In August 1982 in the United States (and in May 1983 by home), the Coleco manufacturer releases its own video game console, Colecovision, for a price of $ 399. A machine especially Powerful for the time that had the particularity of being compatible with the Atari games 2600 (against the will of elsewhere, who even lost his trial) thanks to a special module: it could even boast To embellish the certain French cartridges, until then displayed in black and white and now “translated” in 128 colors. It’s a story.

Alas, the machine will not have done long fire and despite 500 marketed games and a few million sales, the video game crash will force Coleco to stop production in 1985. It is nonetheless a definitely collector and of Exception, in addition to an easily recognizable look. Forty years later, some enthusiasts are definitely motivated to shine the machine, for example by bringing it a whole new video game.

“The most ambitious Colecovision game never done”

It must be believed to see it, but The Small Organization Collectorvision Games has just made a point on its new project, named “Dracula for Colecovision”. and obviously, the site takes place for the better.

We are currently working on a new game called Dracula for Colecovision. There are about 20 rooms already realized and we plan to have about 50 different in total.

Dracula will be the most ambitious Colecovision game ever created, without using any special equipment.

Alas, no release date is given but The news of this adventure game has already seduced from many users on Tweet, the announcement having shared hundreds and liked thousands of times. Leaning. Closer on the activity of the studio, we can see that he has already ponduced many titles in recent years and that he prepares a good package of other on various machines like the Dreamcast, Super Nintendo or Intelliacision. In short, a whole program.


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My first console with the game the Smurfs !!!

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The Story of the Colecovision, What Could Have Been! - Video Game Retrospective

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