Xbox Game Pass loses one of the largest games that he added last year

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Xbox Game Pass subscribers at Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC will lose four games today and a game in three days on April 18. One of these games is one of the most important games added to the subscription service last year., but subscribers will not care too much about their departure. The other four games, on the other hand, subscribers may not be very happy to see that they go.

First, let’s eliminate the “great” game of mystery. Today, Xbox Game Pass subscribers are losing access to mlb the 21 show that would be a big problem if mlb the show 22 had not already added instead. The other remarkable deviation is the long darkness a popular survival game that does not have replacement as mlb the show 21. In fact, the survival genre is generally underrepresented in Xbox Game Pass. The other two games that come out today are ruta and lluvia in his parade. Meanwhile, the game that leaves on April 18 is f1 2019.

For the four games that depart today, subscribers lose access to 20 percent discount on the purchase. Meanwhile, 20 percent discount at F1 2019 is only available until April 18.

The possibilities that any of these games will be added at a late date are scarce, since this right is usually retained for the popular games that justify the double immersion. The only game here that can still be played in a few years is _the long darkness, so of the five games, it is likely that it is the possibilities of returning someday.

Xbox Game Pass is available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X and PC on two levels, one of $ 10 per month and the other $ 15 per month. This second level comes with EA PLAY, Xbox Live Gold and some special “advantages”. For more coverage not only about Xbox Game Pass, but above everything related to Xbox, click here or examine the links below:

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