Teamwalworth Way Strand 3 Korean Patch Distribution,

Overseas Games User Korean Patches have been produced by many translation team teamwaws Way Strand 3 Korean patch deployment.

Last 1, Team Waldo revealed Waistland 3 Korean patches that have worked through the official blog. According to the deployment description, the translation completeness is 70%, but most of the major menus and metabolism are completed. About 100% completion deployment schedule, Teamwalwalls “I think it will be very artistic,” I think it will come out! ” “100% version translation will be on May 1, even if there is something.”

Korean War; Look at all the major Army combat patches soldiers earned in the Korean War 1950 -53..

However, if the date of the announcement was April Fool’s Day, there was a question that could end the remaining 30% translation in one month. On the other hand, the teamwall is “No, we are able to. I have been confident about a 100% version deployment schedule.

Wareland 3 is a RPG that deals with the survival of the Ranger Corps to the background of Post Apocalypcus after the nuclear war. Unlike the previous work, it does not support official Korean, and since the release of August in August 2020, the user request for Korean patches has been aware of. Teamwarwar also announced the plan for the West Land 3 Korean user patch production plan last September, and the patch was patched from about seven months.

Currently Wareland 3 is the steam user rating ‘very positive’, and 50% discount on steam until 2 am on the 16th of domestic time.

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