Can you find bees in Grounded?

There are a variety of different insects floating around _mis to the earth, many of them are on the ground floor, trying to hunt out if you approach too much. You have a lot to fear terrifying spiders or stinky bugs, and ants sometimes go well. But with all the flowers around, are there bees to locate? The game offers rotten bee armor, but does it mean that the insect is in the game and how to get it? Unfortunately, we are not too sure of the answer, but for the moment, the game being in anticipated access, we tend to a no.

Grounded Update! Bee's - Best Way To Get Bee Fuzz, Make Bee Armour And Bee Stinger Spear
Some _Mes to the Earth_Delers reddit explained how they could find bees in the northern part of the map. It’s on the other side of the oak pond where you can find a handful of large flowers, and it’s a great place to get a lot of weed stems and picking up nectar. Reddit comments suggest having nectar in your inventory and wait for bees to appear. Unfortunately, after spending two consecutive days in the game, none of the bees came up. The same thing happened in the roses east of the oak, and the other flowers in _founded.

In the absence of an apparent trace of bees in the game, it is unlikely that these insects have been added to the game. It should not be too far because of the recent positive reception Mété has received, but we are waiting for More definitive details of the Obsidian developer. We will update this guide in the future when we will know more about the date they will be available in the game and how to find them.

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