All we know about Peridot, new intellectual property NIANTIC

Niantic announced a new project, and IP is called Peridot. This is a mobile game with the mechanics of augmented reality and digital beings that you are not indifferent. To create something unique, you need to inspire Neopets, Tamagotchi and Pokémon.

We have collected everything that was able to find about the new name of the Creator of Pokémon GO and gathered it below. We will update This is a guide with Additional Information About Peridot.

Virtual pets

Peridot focuses on the magical creatures, called Peridots or Dots for brevity. These creatures woke up after a thousand-year sleep and need your help to avoid disappearances. Due to the combination of manual assets and procedural generation created by hand, each peridot you encountered will be unique and allow you to create a special connection.

Grow and take care of your peridot

The development of communication with your peridotes is the main aspect of the game. You can interact with your dots in various ways. You can iron them, play with them, feed them and even learn new tricks.

You grow up your peridts from babies to adult individuals, taking care of them throughout the path. When they reach majority, you can breed them to create new creatures inspired by creatures from the real world and mythical creatures.

Adventure together

You can go to adventure with your peridotes. During the walk, you can open new locations and even hidden items. Peridot recognizes the surface of the real world using its AR-camera, which can determine the interaction of your points with the world.

When you explore the world while walking, you can take photos and shoot video to mark special moments. You can even release your peridot to the will to explore it independently. But if you missed your companion, you can always call him back to catch up and play again.

Release date

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Unfortunately, the official date of the exit peridot is not. Nevertheless, Niantic will hold the program launch and will soon release the game in some markets. You can register and pre-register in Peridot to be ready for the Run Day.

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