PS plus in April 2022: new free

What would be a month without PS Plus-Leak? Also in April 2022, the “free” games were published prematurely for the PS4 and PS5 service. Which titles you probably expect, you will learn here.

These are the three games:

  • SpongeBob SquarePants Rehydrated (PS4)
  • Slay the Spire (PS4)
  • Hood: Outlaws and Legends (PS4 / PS5)

Where the leak is published? The lineup was published on the French side Dealabs, where to see a picture of the games. However, it is very likely that the ad will be put offline soon.

The gaming highlight in April 2022

Spongebob Remake

  • Genre: 3D-JUMP ‘N’ RUN
  • Release: June 2020
  • SpongeBob rating: 85

This is what: in rehydrated, remake to the PS2 and Gamecube classic Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom awaits you a faithful new edition of the 3D Jump & Run with the world’s best sponge.

Due to the colorful levels, however, not only with Spongebob, but also with Sandy and Patrick, who each have their own abilities. You can learn more about the game in the detailed SpongeBob test:

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more on the subject

Test: a sponge tasting remake


These are slay the spire and hood

With Slay The Spire, one of the best deckboards and Roguelikes of recent years awaits you. Do not quit here by the rather getting used to graphic. Be your genre fans, you will hardly find a better game.

PlayStation Plus (PS4 and PS5) April 2022 (PS+)

Hood: Outlaws & Legends, on the other hand, is a co-op game in which two groups each with four players * compete against each other and perform the perfect robbery. Although the action game has not really convinced with its PVPVE approach in the SpongeBob test, but since the developer has been demonstrated by the developer. At least a look into the game can be worthwhile.

What do you say about the game lineup in April 2022? Do we have SpongeBob fans here?

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