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Choosing which 5-letter words in Wordle can be especially difficult if you do not know what to choose from. Worse than that are those moments when you receive one or two cards with which you do not know what to do. For those moments when you stay stuck with the first three letters Squ, here are words that you can try.

Words with 5 letters starting with Squ

As you will have guessed in this specific situation in which you can find, there are not too many options to try. What is a good thing. Certainly, there are also some superimposed letters, so whenever you only know Squ, you should be able to solve it with some ease.

There are seven words in total and here are in alphabetical order:

  • Squab
  • team
  • Sites

  • Redskin

Wordle 296 - Wordle of the Day - Wordle Answer Today - Wordle 11 Apr 2022
* Buscapiés
* Squid

Note: Although SQUG looks like a ridiculous word, we have verified that it is a completely acceptable word to use in Wordle. This also means that it really could be a word that is the solution in the future.

When it comes to words to start, it is probably safer if it ignores the previous list and only uses them as a second or third once it has cleaned more than possible letters.

If you are looking for additional help, we have a guide to the best initial words to use in Wordle that could provide you with more success.

We have also covered a list of games to play that they are like Wordle you can play while waiting for the next puzzle.

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