F1 2022, reported, will cut a new feature

Electronic Arts and Codemasters have not yet officially announced F1 2022, but there have been a series of reports from accredited sources on the game, including Tom Henderson. Henderson previously declared that this year’s game will have CrossPlay, VR compatibility and the addition of supercar. While all those aspects are still apparently planned, Henderson’s last report affirms that the Supercortivos will now have a lower role than previously reported. They will continue to appear in the game, but they can only be used in individual modes and not in multiplayer.

Henderson continues to say that changes in the supercar apparently were performed because “Formula One Management (FOM), the main operative company of the Formula One Group, requested that the inclusion of the supercarments be reduced.” At this time, it is not clear why this request could have been made, but Henderson speculates that it could have been the result of negative comments of F1 fanatics after its original report on inclusion.

Readers should take into account that these are only rumors and should be treated as such until we receive some type of EA and CODEMASTER announcement. Henderson has a very solid record with regard to rumors, and the sources of it tend to be quite solid. However, the plans constantly change in the videogame industry and f1 2022 has not even been officially presented yet. Hopefully, you will soon arrive an ad so that fans can obtain some clarification on what to expect from the last delivery of the series.

Electronic Arts finished the purchase of codemasters last year, in an agreement worth 1200 million dollars. F1 2021 was the first game of the series published by EA since the purchase was completed, and debuted with criticism mostly solid last July. It will be interesting to see how the series continues to evolve under EA and how players accept some of the planned changes. For now, we will only have to wait and see!

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