The reason why the SM Queen of Shinjuku became a “Biohazard” [Hardcore Gamer Interviews]

– “Hardcore” . This word is used to point to “core” “core” “core” “(group etc.)” or “radical” “danger”, sometimes “aggressive”. GAME * SPARK readers will surely be “Hardcore Gamer” **. The game is loving the game by “excessive”, and the “hardcore” of each person should be there, and each person ‘s “hardcore” is there.

New Series Hardcore Gamer Interviews is an irregular interview that focused on “Hardcore Hobby and Gamers with Backbone”. This time that should be commemorated this time, the SM club “BURST” and the fetish bar “Amarcord” MISTRESS HANAKO MISTRESS HANAKO , “Hardcore “Biohazard” love “ was asked.

! Note! The interview following the following includes expressions related to sexual services, and the “Biohazard” series spoiler.

-Thank you for your cooperation in the New Series “Hardcore Gamer Interviews”. First of all, please give me a simple self-introduction such as your name and job.

Mr. Hanako (hereinafter HANAKO) HANAKO. She is 29 years old and she doing SM queen in Shinjuku. Her SM history is five years. She is embarrassing to say by yourself… (laughs).

-Yerly, the opportunity to be asked “I’m doing the queen” and it seems to be a lot of opportunities to be returned from others. After all, may I go down to TPO?

HANAKO is so. When her legislates were apparel, she may say “I’m working for apparel relationships” because her legislates were apparel.

  • Please tell us for more information on “Queen’s work”. Since it is a rare profession, she wants to teach “one day schedule example”. For example, what time happens, I will go to work at what time, what time do you do… etc.

Hanako Is Queen’s Day? It is quite sober (laughs). I belong to the SM club and the SM Bar… The SM Club is the main and one-one “play” is the main and the work time is freely decided. I have completely made a night type schedule and worked from 19:00 to 22:00 in the SM Club. When working at the bar, it is about 19:00 to 24 o’clock.

-Naturally, it is a night job, so life will be reversed day and night.

HANAKO is so. Up to the time of work… After awake, you will need to clean the work tool for SM when the motivation is high. Polish enamel with a dedicated cleaner. After that, while looking at SNS, think “What is Maso do you do now?” “I think today is the costume I’m going to wear it.” It is sober.

-I think it is a very cool lifestyle style. I am not very bright about night job, so I will study society.

HANAKO Yo? (Laughs) After that, I try not to eat rice before leaving the house. As the body shape changes, it sounds like a costume. I can not get caors.

–So that’s it! If you eat too much, the shape of the tight costume will change.

HANAKO That’s right. So, I’m going to break after work! I feel like it.

-Customer… Are there any opportunities to talk about games in everyday conversation with the so-called “Maso”? When I saw SNS, it was also possible to post that “I got a game related goods”.

There is HANAKO! Before this, I received a “Kirby of the Stars”. New work that came out with this switch is also playing.

-The queen likes “Kirby” and feels intense contrast.

HANAKO Why I like “Kirby” I can not explain it anymore, but I’m healed just by looking at it anyway! When I opened such a story in a variety of places, I got along with the girl ** of “Mario” Gachiota.

  • “Mario” Gachiota girl! What are you?

HANAKO “Mario” Gachiota, or saying correctly “Luige’s dream girl” .

  • “Luigi’s Dream Women”! ?

HANAKO is amazing. It is time to go! Because it is a dream girl, it is also a rotten girl, I also talk about “Mario × Luige or Luigi × Mario?” It’s already a new information in the world you don’t know just by listening.

-It a sense of worldwide. Human intersections are great.

HANAKO I sometimes got a game goods sometimes. If your birthday is approaching, there is also a birthday event in the shop, but there is also a stuffed toy of “Kirby” from the customers. I basically loved PlayStation hard games, so the knowledge of Nintendo Title will be taught from those like “Mario” Gachiota.

-It is the next question. Anyway, I think that “occupational disease” is a thing of “occupational disease”, but is there a timing that the queen ‘s disease’ will come out?

It may be too said to say that Hanako occupation disease, but there was a saying that “everything you get in the eyes look like a whistle.” After that, when I saw a rope where I was not related to my work, “This is” the “rope”… so, just “rope” but…… “The rope”… ” I think in the direction.

–So that’s it.

HANAKO There are also many mistakes and mistakes. Even in a little word, the lower item sensor moves, and even in the conversation, I think “Eh? I said Anal now?” The other party is not saying that. After that, I do not want to say human observation, but when I got on the train, I saw the passenger and think “This person is a mazor, sad”.

-It is a little profiling.

HANAKO is so. You can see how to stand and sit slightly. “This person, Mazo-like ~”. Even if you look at the salaryman who wears a suit, think “Don’t wear a wear-underwear under that suit, or not…”. It is absolutely not that “I’ll give you a hand to others”, though!

Also, if you look at the girl who wears enamel boots, you will see if you look at people who are doing hard fashion. “Ho……” “good…” I think that.

-The “Luigi Yumeji Women” earlier is a pretty vivid example, but in recent years, I felt that “female gamers” are not rare in recent years. For example, is there anything like a colleague to talk with your colleagues?

Only Hanako, there is a gamer queen acquaintance. But my favorite game genre is different. In that case, I like “Dead by Daylight” so much, but I’m not good at online games. You like to play alone, you like playing alone.

–So that’s it. Basically, a game for single play is main.

HANAKO but recently, I also try to touch my smartphone game. “Wilderness Behavior” or “PUBG Mobile”.

-What will be played for about a day? After all, will it be played during the day or during the morning?

HANAKO Mainly returned from the daytime and work, and I played for about 2 hours to 3 hours. The day off the day, there may be games all day long. Don’t eat rice and play infinitely without sleeping.

We asked that the “Biohazard” series was loved by -sns. Please tell me the point “especially” I like “Bio”!

Hanako good! ?

–it’s okay! In terms of, I would like you to hit a hot feelings with the momentum of “Early Geek”.

HANAKO… First of all, the “Biohazard” series is a ** scenario. When I played for the first time, I could not understand well about the scenario, and it was an impression that “Zombie came out, I was ~ I was ~”, but after all I know the difficult story as myself grows.

–So that’s it. If the character has a backbone of a character, it has also looked at a serious situation in a serious situation.

HANAKO That’s right. Each story of the characters has also been known and everyone starts to notice what everyone is carrying. I thought that there is a “great game…!”

-Shino-like series works?

HANAKO “Biohazard 2”! If it was PlayStation version, it was a two disc. At that time, I think it was seen in another game, but I like that luxury.

–Certainly! The package was also thick, and I received an impression that “I’m different from other games” from my appearance.

HANAKO “Bio 2” did not play four main scenarios? I love the meshing of each story is very interesting. The first “Bio” was… when I was in the first play, it was really too scary. Is the graphic’s rusticity, but the horrible horrible?

-What now, I feel unique from that low polygon.

HANAKO That’s right. Overall screen is dark. Because of that, it is something that you have to clear the first generation. After that…… “Bio 3” is also like “2”. The action was also increasing and I was moved, and I love “Trackers” anyway.

-When Nemesis do you like?

HANAKO I really like that visual! I’m scared and I’m really running! Shoot to rocket launcher… I’m moved. Already.


Hanako Isn’t it well wise, unlike other enemies. Originally, I like the creature and it was fun to look at the artwork in the capture book. Nemesis really stabbed with sexual habits. There is also a tentacle, and I thought it was “Koitsu, an erotic creature ~”. It is sticky.

-As a different impression as saying “sticky and naughty creatures”.

HANAKO After me, “Biohazard” is the “footsheet fetish”. I like “Kotsukotsu…” that can be heard from the floor in the building, and I like such a thing. I want to listen to that, but I attacked the map corner well.

  • The Biohazard series may be scared of the sound. Especially recent works are strongly sticky to the recording method.

HANAKO That’s right. It is also good to have a footstone on the marble floor, and I also like it to change the footsteps with metal and concrete. “Bio 3” is Nemesis and Foot Sound, Feeling! ! I was playing while thinking.

-The ま 効 フェ フェ フェ………….

When reloading HANAKO shotgun! I also like the sound of Even with other weapons, the sound when replacing or removing magazines… I also like the “Silent Hill” series.

-I like the horror game representing Japan to “Bio” class.

HANAKO is not a game that sounds to be important. Judging from the sound, it is absolutely something like this… I feel like it. Because I played that game, I also like the sound effects.

-The atmosphere of work has changed significantly from “Resident Evil 4”, but how do you feel as a series fan?

Just as Hanako, I thought it was strange. From “4”…… Leon Scott Kennedy has already been enshrined . The best pushing in the work. Such cute growing… And, President’s SP is d1. However, I thought that only the enemy was not zombie, but I thought it was a bit lonely.

–So that’s it. I said “I like the scenario” earlier, but how is it on the story of the story?

The scenario after HANAKO “4” thinks that “I became difficult in good sense”. The background of the characters is also complicated and each entangled. Even with the episodes related to the past character, “that character’s son…!” Or “Such a bonky body growing to the body…” The lips are purupuru…! “I was moved.

-Homerly, it’s a little “parent line”.

HANAKO Yes, really parents. But at the same time as the time axis goes, isn’t everyone elderly? Leon and Chris have become an uncle who also had a gap. I want you to retire. Oh, he was a newcomer policeman of Picapika.

-Fact a case, as a separate question, please tell me about the “Biohazard” series. It is…… What is your favorite place of “Resident Evil”.

HANAKO First of all, I like my face normally! I like the face and its mental power. So, in the work, there is also a smell of color love. “The emotions are missing ~, I’m worried about each other ~” I think it’s a shame. I also touched a little bit, but I also like to go from a young man who has justice. Also, I also like the ability to my body. Because it is the main character of the game, it is also true.

-For “Biohazard”, the movie series is also popular. Various works have come out in the world as a leading work of Mira Jovovich, but is there “Favorite Movie Version” for Hanako?

Hanako I also like Mirajovo’s work, but I prefer CG movies such as “Biohazard Degeneration”. The story is along the original, and there are many scenes that Leon active. If you are a work that is not a game, watching a good movement as CG…… It will feel good. It is cool.

–So that’s it.

HANAKO Leon is not a ponkotsu if it is a woman’s relationship even though it is very good. It is also ideal for the ideal… “Bio” talk and slice slice, but I am actually “Gorgo dream girl” .

-Golgo! ? Is it a cartoon “Golgo 13” Golgo?

HANAKO. Oh, not a man, I can not be recognized as me. If you think so, it’s only Leon if it’s not Golgo.

-Golgo is a considerable tough guy…! If you go to that dimension, it seems that there is only a candidate as much as Leon.

HANAKO In that sense, Leon feels “a little pop Golgo”. It is Pikaichi if you look at it. “Bio” is all cute girls. Tits big.

-Do you play “Biohazard Village” where the latest work is the latest work? That work also appears many attractive characters.

Hanako played. I was moved yet. I was touched with “I’m connected with it!” What I thought was the best thing was Benevient House Baby .

-When did you felt greatness at the place?

HANAKO I think that the feeling of being a sense of a touch of a touch different from the old work. In a certain scene, there is a place where “I have to go to the dark map”, but there suddenly comes out a baby like a crafting. The mouth of the mouth seems to be Ma ■ ■…. . I’m sorry!

-The we will make a sense in the article in the article!

HANAKO The baby is really scary. The voice is also spensified and screamed when I first saw it. I’m doing a room share with a classmate girl in high school, but my companionship is fucked from her. As I was asked, I was asked, so if I showed that baby, my child was screamed.

-There is a jerb that you can see in the eye, isn’t it?

HANAKO I thought “Oh, it’s over” while playing. When I can hide under the bed, I also kill my breath and put the controller on the spot. First of all, I am not good at saying “Running game”. From the time of playing “Dark Meessia” developed by the place where the cyber video manufacturing place was developed, the game of running away is a trauma.

-It is the last question. GAME * SPARK is operated as “Web media for hardcore gamers”.,Please let us know. By all means, I would like to help you.

HANAKO I am so hardcore? (Laughs) First of all… “I will not forget to thank others.” I am grateful to the people who put out the “Biohazard” series, which I was able to talk hotly to this. Thank you for the people who accept the “queen”.

I always try to be honest with full power, and it was “sm” for myself that I could do so. That’s why…… “Don’t make a lie, not misusual”, and “thank you around”. I have some kind of thing, I cherish anyway.

  • “Don’t always forget thanks, not always honest, lie or misusual.” GAME * SPARK Editorial department also will thoroughly! Thank you for today!

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