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Now I was really lying to play.

The Japanese gaming gear brand, Bauhutte, launched the electric bed under the goal of making the ultimate gaming bed. The price is 59,800 yen (about 590,000 won), bed and mattress set is 84,000 yen (about 830,000 won).

This electric bed has a motors of the two motors, the upper half of the relying and leg part lifts, respectively. The controller can be briefly manipulated, and the upper body can adjust the angle up to 60 degrees, and the leg portion to up to 35 degrees. Thanks to the bed, you can see the game as well as the animation, see animation, eat, sleep, and sleep.

The size of the bed can be adjusted to the width of 199 cm, the height of 199 cm, and the height is 28.5 cm from the minimum of 13.8 cm, and the load is less than 200kg. The frame is made of steel and excellent breathability, and it is said that the moisture under the mattress is not good under the mattress. A dedicated controller with a dedicated controller capable of controlling an angle, and a stopper that prevents the mattress from falling from the frame when the bed is activated.

Bauerfe said that this electric bed is called “Last Pieces of Falling” and explained that it is a product that allows for a very fallen life based on bed. However, to enjoy gaming life and enjoying gaming life, you should also buy a desk and the shelf.

Gaming Gear Professional Brand, Baufu, has been introducing a desk, shelves, and blankets that can be placed around the bed, which can be placed around the bed with games, sleep and meals without moving the ‘gaming bed’ as a concept. In addition to the ‘Standing Games’ where you can enjoy the game, you always have the concept of a variety of game environments such as ‘Cycling Gaming’, which combines cycling machines and deskes, which is always the health of lack of exercise.

In addition, the wearing gaming suit that can go to the toilet while wearing a gaming suit, a gammer’s hand, a hand masquer, and a gaming glasses that can control the angle of the glasses, such as gaming glasses that can be adjusted to play the game, It has a bar.

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