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SPELUNKY 2 is the rest of the original spelunky game released in 2008. It is a stimulating 2D platform set with a Roguelike element, and your goal is to progress through these random levels and get as many treasures before going to level. next. SPELUNKY 2 was announced for the first time at the end of 2017 and had to arrive on PlayStation 4 and Steam before the other consoles. After a long delay, it will arrive in the current of 2020, and it will have an online multiplayer element, which was cruelly lacked at the first game.

Spelunky 2 - A Full Playthrough From Start to End

Previously, those who wanted to play online were obliged to use a mod on their PC for the first game. For those who played Spelunky on their console, they had to stick to local cooperation, which is perfect for this Type of game. However, since the original spellunk exit in 2008, many things have changed and the online multiplayer is much more common than it was once. The addition of this online mechanism is ideal for those who can not always meet, but who wish to explore the riches of a trapped grave to see who can survive.

Spellunky will probably take care of up to four players, and during the online broadcast trailer on PlayStation on August 8, we’ve seen a more open area, which could be a place of type hall. where players meet before entering a grave. We will learn more about the functioning of the online game when the game is approached.

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