Write or die: how to play

Text or Die is a mobile game that has become popular thanks to its exciting and fascinating nature. This is a very simple game for understanding and affordable for a variety of players. It is not surprising that he became such a hit!

how to play text or die

Text or Die, fortunately, a very simple game. When you open the application, select the green play button to start the match. You will be compared with other players worldwide. Enter words based on tips, such as “name Game Console”. Your goal is to enter a response, which uses as many words as possible. For each letter of your answer, you get a block to which you can get up. Water in the game gradually rises and eventually catch up with others. The key to the game is to come up with a longer word as possible.

What is text or die?

Text or Die is a mobile game in which players are invited to expand their horizons by typing the longest word from the specified category. Players can compete with random people around the world for several rounds. For each won round and game you get a remuneration in the form of coins that can be used to improve cosmetic elements, such as hats and blocks on which your avatar is.

Text Or Die Game Gameplay

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