Nexon, 2022 Season 2: Buster update to add large content to Sudden Attack

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2022 Tata Nexon Royale Blue XZA Plus | New Colour New Features !!!

\ – ‘Lucy’ character and assault rifle ‘Na-34 Buster’ new ‘Sudden Pass’ compensation

\ – ‘ X Shinhan SOL Sudden Pass Sponsorship “special event progress

\ – Legend, Ranker Rating Rank before the US participation… Competition for the best of the best place

Nexon updated ‘2022 Season 2: Buster’ today (7 days) today to add large-scale content to online FPS games.

‘2022 Season 2: Buster’ will be held on June 16th. If you have completed various missions and raise the level of ‘Sudden Pass’ and ‘Challenge Pass’, you can get a “Lucy” character and ‘Buster’ weapon permanent, and a new weapon ‘Na-34 Buster’ and the like. Among these, ‘NA-34 Buster’ is a generic firing and high speed 3 graduating, and the proximity is an upright assault rifle.

In addition, the ‘Sudden Pass’ is a 500sp, a 500SP, a 500sp, a ‘Challenge Pass’ Manreb, and 1,000SP will be paid to a compensation for 1,000SP.

In particular, in this ‘Sudden Pass’, various events are conducted through alliance with ‘Shinhan Bank’. If you have achieved the ‘Sudden Pass’ level, you can collect’ shoot Key ‘, utilizing this later, “Sol Lucky Box with’ Sniper Permanent Permanent” You can exchange directly from Shinhan Sol App. Also, on the coming 21 days, ‘Sudden Attack> X Shinhan SOL Alliance Event’ will be released.

The same period, ‘Rank 2022 Season 2’ and ‘Tournament 2022 Season 2’, ‘2022 Seasons 2’, ‘survival season 2’. In particular, in the ‘Rank 2022 Season 2’, the Payment RP of the Grand Master Rating section is reduced, and the Penalty is enhanced when Legend, and Lancer grades do not participate in Langca. Therefore, competition will be fierce to acquire the top of the top.

On the other hand, the territorial warmills that have gained a lot of ridiculous response of the ridders are finally terminated, and the relevant ranking compensation can be used for 2022 season 2 periods.

‘Sudden Club’ is operated by June 23, and if you raise the VIP point by using event participation and cache items, you will have a variety of benefits such as ‘T.Contender VIP’, ‘E.Shield VIP’, and other discounts to provide. The ‘boosting package’ consisting of this booster items is sold at a 20% discounted price, and the ‘1,000 SP’ is immediately paid when purchasing.

More information on ‘2022 Season 2: Buster’ can be found on the Official website.

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